We hope you will enjoy our new look and possibility to find more informations about all BLP releases. Not all finnished yet, please be patient and give us litle bit more time, we are working hard each day…  Be prepared for some extra news, which will make Bizarre Leprous more interesting for you…

BLP Team


Jak jste si již určitě všimli, cca. 14 dní už nefunguje BLP bandcamp!!! Původně jsme si mysleli, že nám učet někdo hacknul a vše smazal, ale situace je poněkud jiná.
Dnes nám přišlo vyjádření od bandcampu, že profil byl zablokován, kvůli urážlivému, obskurnímu, perverznímu, nezákonému (zřejmě obal Torsofuck) a jakému dalšímu obsahu!!! Otázkou je co s tím dál a v tuto chvíli nás opravdu nenapadá žádné schůdné řešení, jak se jim zavděčit. Prozatím tedy bude BLP bandcamp stále mimo provoz a uvidíme, jestli najdeme nějaké řešení…

As you have already noticed, BLP bandcamp is no working for about 14 days!!! Originally, we thought someone was hacking and erasing everything, but the situation is little bit different. We received message from bandcamp today, that the profile was blocked because of the offensive, obscure, perverse, illegal (probably Torsofuck) and what other content!!! The question is what to do and at this moment we really don´t think of any viable solution, to please them. So far, the BLP bandcamp will still be out of order and will see if we can find a solution …

ORDER NOW 16.05. 2018

BLP 0209 – TOTAL DEATH / DISFIGURED CORPSE – Grains Of Sand That Gone With The Wind / Fall Down In Reality

Re-press of cult split album on CD, with complete remastered, new graphics etc!!! Czech death/grind vs. grindcore cult!!!


BLP 0216 – KANDAR – Tromaville

Second full CD of Czech horror grindcore killers!!!! 100% pure grindcore!!!


BLP 0217 – GRINDZILLA – Toshinquandon

Debut album of Belarus crazy killer grindcore with gore & brutal death metal elements…


BLP 0220 – OXIDISED RAZOR – Mors Vehementi

New full CD of Mexican pathological sick goregrind cult!!!

ORDER NOW 26.03. 2018


4th regular CD of Czech brutallers…



New full CD of pathological old school goregrind from India! For fans of old Regurgitate, LDOH..



Hungarian tupa tupa groovy goregrind on new full album! For fans Spasm, CBT, Gutalax, Gut!



New full album of Italian ultra brutal gore death metal gods!!! Excelent sound and killer music for fans Exhumed, Impaled, etc…

NEWS 05.03. 2018

BLP 0212 – Dr. GORE – From The Deep Of Rotten

New full album of italian ultra brutal gore death metal gods!!! Excelent sound and killer music for fans Exhumed, Impaled, etc… Out in spring 2018!

Dr. Gore was created in 2002 by Luigi, Alessio and Massimo after the loss of their previous band-mates. Immediately after formation they began playing covers of groups such as Napalm Death, Terrorizer, and Mortician. Dr. Gore’s line-up was later completed by the addition of another friend – Marco. Once Marco joined the line-up Dr. Gore began writing their own songs focusing on violence and power, giving life to a kind of multi-generic goregrind brutal death metal. Over the years, they have played many live concerts and many tours in Erurope, sharing the stage with bands such as Malevolent Creation, Vomitory, Dead Infection, Destruction, Dead, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Buffalo Grillz, Tsubo, Zora, Rompeprop, Coprophiliac, Necrodeath, Antropofagus and Spasm. Dr. Gore released their first CD “RIGORe MORTIS” on October 12, 2008. At the end of 2011, Dr. Gore released their second CD, entitled “Rotting Remnants”. In the 2014 3rd CD “Viscera” was released by Coyote Records. In the 2017 complete the new album “From The Deep Of Rotten”, recorded at KICK Recording Studio (Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, etc.), the most professional album for the band, will released by BIZARRE LEPROUS PRODUCTIONS in 2018.

OUT NOW 01.03. 2018

BLP 0180 – IMPETIGO / TRANSGRESSOR – Split picture 7EP

Repress cult material on picture 7EP!!!!

BLP 0202 – BBYB – Stavebnice Reality

Second album of Czech electro cyber techno goregrind killers + bonus track!!!

BLP 0203 – THORWALD – Sací Reflex

New album of Slovakia pure grindcore killers!! And bonus on this CD complete rare full album “Kolízie Systému” first time on CD. Killlllerrrrr pure slovakia grindcore madness!!!!

BLP 0204 – BUM – 1‰

Debut album of alcoholic gastroporno goregrind from north Czech Republic, with members from Deaf & Dumb & Bonesaw Of The Brains!!! Killer bassmasturbant goregrind for fans Spasm/Gutalax!!!!

BLP 0205 – GRUESOME STUFF RELISH – Cannibalized!

Spain splatter horror killers back on BLP!!! 11 new songs and 20 minutes of old school giallo horrors splatter zombie cadaver goregrind terror!!! For fans Impetigo, Necrony!!!!

OUT NOW 30.11. 2017

BLP 0201 – SEPTIC AUTOPSY – Cadaveric Malignancy

Bizarre Leprous Production proudly presents new full CD of best Mexican pathological goregrind masters Septic Autopsy!!! Sick patho goregrind for fans Lymphatic Phlegm!!! Sick sick sick!!!

BLP 0200 – MEATAL ULCER – The Fog Had Begun To Churn Whit Flesh Enthusiasm

Australia ultra brutal blasting goregrind for fans LDOH, Active Stenosis, Butcher M.D. etc.. on compilation CD. Will contain of all split, ep, demos, tape etc.. 77 song´s of pure blasting goregrind!!!

BLP 0199 – PIGGY – Porcogore

Debut album of groovy tupa tupa goregrinder´s from Chile!!!! Happy funny dancing goregrind for fans Gutalax, Spasm, Serrabulho!!!


MAC is groovy goregrind killers for fans Rompeprop, Goremonger is industrial cyber goregrind for fans EFRO and Gnorrhea Breath is new industrial cyber gore project of Kevin from Screaming Afterbirth and Francek from Smashing Dumpling. Sick gore split CD!!!!

OUT NOW 27.10. 2017

BLP 0198 – CRANIOTOMY – Old Poetry Of Rotting Flesh

BLP proudly presents best Slovakia Ultra brutal death metal killers Craniotomy!! This releases contains 1st album “It’s Not Cut Out – It Can’t Be Eaten” + 2nd album “Cut A Piece For Your Hunger” all material remastered and complete new graphics!!! Brutal death metal for fans US Disgorge, old Devourment, etc….

BLP 0197 – AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS – Blázinec sexu a vražd

New full CD of goregrind spermany´s most wanted band in CZ!!!

BLP 0196 – MMINCING FURY and G.C.o.Q.D. – Thousand Years of Emptiness

New full album of Czech ultra brutal death/grind killers!!!

BLP 0194 – SMOTHERED BOWELS – Dead Cunt Dance

New album of Russian groovy goregrind killers for fans Gutalax, Spasm, CBT, Cliteater, Squash Bowels, Basement Tortu