CD 2017

The Fog Had Begun To Churn Whit Flesh Enthusiasm

Australian ultra brutal blasting goregrind for fans LDOH, Active Stenosis, Butcher M.D. etc.. on compilation CD. Containa all split, ep, demos, tape etc.. 77 song´s of pure blasting goregrind!!!

1. Intro - Hamadryad
2. Suitwanks Blood Of Toes
3. Enormous Ruptures In The Euphoric Pure State
4. Burnt By Thrash With Maximum Garbage
5. Nibbles On Cheese, Very Vicious Olease
6. Prepare For Impact
7. Clotted Radgdolls And Masturbate Righteous Vermin
8. Chunks Of Your Vomit Passed On Into Bitter Ending
9. SuperSluthold Of Twisting Perversity
10. Breeding Disaster
11. Ignite The Romance With Bates Of Flesh
12. Caked In Feces
13. Die
14. Secretely Vomiting
15. Cutting The Flank Or Loin
16. Intertrigo Infused With Genital Herpes
17. Embedding Of An Embryo In The Lining Of Its Mothers Uterus
18. Intermittent Claudication
19. Study Of Poison An Extension Of Pharmacology
20. Burn Lips Better Than Butter
21. Cover Entire Face With Skingraft
22. There Was Just No End To The Dead
23. Rub Your Shit Into The Shower Grate
24. Suicide / Suicide Again / Murder / More Murder
25. The Swamp Thing
26. The Most Foul Stench And Its Prey List
27. Tested Creatures (Squash Bowels)
28. Artificial Womb
29. Psychotic Laxative
30. Meatal Atresia / Dead Dead Dead / Shroom / Infinite Dozing
31. Anal Atresia
32. Rip It Off And Smear In The Face
33. Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis
34. Intermittent Claudication
35. Day Of The Disgusting Mouths
36. Smellbourne Mass Murder Festival
37. Beating Up Jesus Friends
38. Licking Tongues Of Madness
39. The Devil Soaks In The Rain
40. Suicide Fail
41. Disgusting Malfunctions In Rehabilitation
42. An Entry Into Advence Decapitations
43. Why Wont It Die?
44. Pure Flesh Melting Bath Of Beauty
45. Intermittent Claudication
46. Blame The Fire On Numbnuts
47. Hipsers Die In A Revolting Door
48. Simulated Heart Attack
49. Puerperal Fever
50. Candida Timebomb
51. Megacolon
52. Slowing Down Horror
53. Missing Chunks Of Flesh
54. Meat And Chicken Bone Throne
55. Milking Pus Eruption
56. Uncontrollable Regurgitations Of Black And Yellow Liquids
57. Insanely Marinating In A Pit Of Medical Waste
58. Space Ulcers
59. Locked In Double Geteway To Corruption
60. The Art Of Decapitation / The Sadomaster / Punctures / Gallbladder Arosusal / Retreat To Madness
61. Purishness
62. Human Nagana Epodemic
63. Random Psychosurgery
64. Eat The Most Foul Piece Of Shit
65. A Piece Of Total Faggotry
66. Ratted Maniac Incisions
67. Language Of Dementias
68. Burning
69. Burn That
70. Blind, Deaf And Uncenscious
71. Pigless Whore
72. Smashed To Pieces With Idiocy
73. Suck My Bone
74. Completely Obliterated Before I Say Spooky Again
75. Massive Sickfight
76. Scabs
77. The Most Gruesome Scene In The History Of The Neighbourhood