CD 2017

Old Poetry Of Rotting Flesh

Bizarre Leprous Production proudly presents best Slovakian ultra brutal death metal killers Craniotomy!!! 
BLP releases on one CD first album "It's Not Cut Out - It Can't Be Eaten" & second album "Cut A Piece For Your Hunger", all materials remastered and complete new graphics!!! Ultra brutal guttural death metal with slam parts for fans US Disgorge, old Devourment, etc....

1. Cut A Piece For Your Hunger
2. Death In Eyes
3. Sick Call
4. Disgust And Pain
5. Dekubit
6. Goreburger
7. Discreet By Butcher
8. Born In The Dissecting Room
9. He Torture The Brain With A Drill
10. Suffering In Womb
11. 120 Days Of Sodomy
12. Tasty Meatball
13. Liquified Infant Genitals
14. Hole For Everythink
15. Bath In Acne
16. Patho Greed
17. Visit
18. Body Rot
19. Bloody Axe In Your Ass
20. Hate, Pain...Death Your End
21. Let Us Show Your Personality
22. Man - Disease Of This World
23. Necrophiliac's Love Song
24. The Last Martyrium (Instrumental)