CD 2017

Lamentations - Eye Foe Devils

Compilation CD of czech goregrind killers included 3 first materials in the band´s history, included cult debut CD Lamentations, split CD with Screaming Afterbirth and MCD Eye For Eye (Suffering For Suffering) 
All materials remastered in Davos Studio!

1. Silent Behind Noise (Intro)
2. Rather Deaf
3. Pernicious
4. Psycho
5. Confinement
6. Little Duck I
7. Sexual Spasm
8. Pigsty
9. Thick Head
10. Give Milk to Child
11. Born To Murder The World (Last Days of Humanity cover)
12. Nasty Flegin Smoked Ganja In A Smelly Toilet On Train From Vyškov And Young Guard Blasted Him In Sokolnice
13. Little Duck II
14. Studio Song
15. Lamentation
16. Anvil
17. Dunken Topi Slept In Front Of Statue
18. Little Duck III
19. XXL 2003
20. Shit Song
21. Margaret Black
22. (Un)conquerable Soul
23. On Six ( Cover Version Of Cephalic Carnage)
24. No Jokes With Devil
25. Explosion Of Madness
26. Upside Down
27. Schism
28. In Captivitt Of Magoc Rhomb
29. Crazy Dance Core
30. Rotter
31. Eye For Eye (Suffering For Suffering)
32. Practicioners Of The Perverse (Cover Viral Load)
33. Rotter (Special Rehearsal Bonus Version)