BLP 0186 - GRUNT
CD 2017

Codex Bizarre (Deluxe Edition)

Re-press of second album, Portuguese fetish sado goregrind gods on deluxe digipack edition with new graphics and four bonus songs!!!

1. The Sweet Smell of Servitude
2. Teratoid Latex Feudalist
3. The Edgeplay
4. Vassalage Grotesque
5. Teased and Tormented
6. Becoming the Dominus
7. Twilight Hybrid Bonanza - Shemale Part II
8. Levitra Powered Aged Predator
9. Helix Masterpiss (Exotic Aquatica)
10. Supreme Rubbercore
11. Funeral Submission Suite (Part I)
12. Funeral Submission Suite (Part II)
13. Panzer Enema
14. Sadopsychorama
15. The Speed Freak's Sadistical Abuse Remix
16. Initiatio Servitium
17. Red Water (Type O Negative)
18. Camp Blood (Bile)