CD 2017

If Abortion Is A Murder, Masturbation Is A Genocide

Re-press fisrt full album + bonus tracks and cumplete new graphics!!!
Antihuman porn bukkake cyber goregrind cult is back!!!!!

1. Introduction To Where The Excrements Breed
2. Orgasmatic Urethral Ulceration
3. Instrumenstrual
4. Chunky Testicular Wong-Tong
5. Rectal Slush Puppy
6. A Penis In Slavery
7. Raped With A Cell Phone While A Long-Distance Call With Your Uncle
9. Severe Sphincter Dislocation
10. Teen Virginity Taking With A Chainsaw
11. Necro-Incest In Grand-Pa's Coffin
12. Sodomizing A Pus Filled Under-Age Rectum
13. Fermented Anal Nectar 2:02
14. Rave-Girl Is Sexualy Abused While She's On X-Tacy
15. Uncontroled Orgy In The Infantile-Deficients School Bus
16. Vomit Is A Good Lubricant (Even With The Chunks)
17. Obstruction Of The Desophage By A Purulent Dead Dick
18. Bin Laden Deep Throat
19. Obey To Your Daddy
20. Sperm-Container Whore
21. Poodle Sodomy
22. Horny Farm


23. Wet Nightmare
24. Oversized Anal Canal
25. Angelic Smegma Eruption
26. Diarrhoeic Polka
27. Spermsoaked Stream Of Rectal Dejections
28. Pre-natal Sex
29. Vaginal Cheesecake
30. Harry The Happy Pedo-clown