BLP 0177 - CUM
CD 2016

Necronicle Continues - A Journey Into the Morbid Mind of Serial Murderers Vol. 3 : Fantasy Wants Victim - Reincarnated 2016 They Made Us Sick

3rd of 6 CDs of upcoming cumplete collection of this japanese matadors of serial murders gore capacity!

1. For Extreme Senses, Extreme Killings Are Most Fitting
2. Our Methodical Rampages Are Almost Always Catasexually Motivated
3. Physical Confinement And Mental Domination: This Is State Of Fetishism
4. The Chamber Of Horrors: Meat Fuck Desecration
5. Mental Aligment And Imitation To A Serial Killer
6. All Interest In Torture And Killing Is Only Another Expression Of Intent In Vengeance
7. Where There's Killing, There's My Way
8. The Power Of Hatred Compels 'Em All
9. The Serial Killer Most Foul
10. Rhetric Of Homicidal Perversity: Psycho Thriller Masturbation
11. We Approve All Types Of Terrorism But We Prefer Mass Murder
12 Too Many Killed To Confess
13 Rape ans Slaughter Like An American Murderer
14 Murder: A Proof One´s Conscience And A Necessary Evil Most Necessarilly
15 It's A Pure Fuckin' Hatred! World Showcase Of Cruelty And Bloodshed