CD 2016

Traces Of Gore

Russian madman Kirill presents 16 tracks of hyperbrutal goregrind madness, Ultra heavy guitars, hyperblast drums machine and antihuman vocals by Erwin of LDOH, SMES, KOTS etc...!!! The CD contains all tracks from BMD demos & splits!!! Butcher M.D. is new dimension of gore!!!

Tracks Taken From The Split With Distrophy (recorded in February - March 2014)
1. Public Carcass Disintegration
2. Fistulating Malodorous Mass
3. Bilateral Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma Of The Eyelids
4. Shotgun Brain Tumour Removal
5. Among Ripened Deceased (Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage Cover)

Tracks Taken From The Split Cancelled With Hyperemesis (recorded In April - May 2014)
6. An Exquisite Harvest Straight From The Putrefying Cadaver Plantation
7. Human Decomposition Gas Explosion
8. Man Who Suffocated Himselfby Corpse Gases Collected In The Crypt
9. Devourgland (Cakewet Cover)

Tracks Taken From The Split With Matastasis & Sulfuric Cautery (recorded in June 2014)
10. Miscarriage Purposelessly Dumped To Sewers
11. Exhibitionist Found Hung By His Own Bleeding Tendons
12. Traumatic Haematomyella From Self-Inflicted Axe Injury

Tracks Taken From The Split With gruesome bodyparts Autopsy (recorded in October 2014)
13. Putrefactive Cranial Nectar Leaks From Wrecked Skull
14. Exhumated Then Castrated
15. Severed Human Head Half-Digested By Pulled Stomach
16. I Didn't Kill Your Wife, I Just Burnt Her Eyes With A Blowtorch