CD 2016

Scrap Par La Porn

After many years of silence is back absolutely human perversity SPERMSWAMP on second full leght CD!!! Sick perverse sperm industrial techno gore madness with antihuman vocals for all pervert people!!! 666 sick sick sick porn gore attack!!!!

1. Galactic Inter-Species Experimental Sex
2. Hostile Face-Fuck
3. Creme Fouettée
4. Ta Touffe M'étouffe
5. Bombarstic Arse Invasion
6. Rock Anal Clit
7. La Semi-Croquante Aux Milles Merveilles
8. Profite Avant Qu'elle Refroidisse
9. Tu Mouille Ou Tu Saigne
10. Docteur Touche-a-tout Et Son Gros Calmant
11. Mange Moé L'cul, Charrue!
12. 20$ C'est 20$
13. Rise Of The Ding-A-Ling
14. Cheering The Master With A Mouthfull Of Politeness
15. Hammer Smashed Couilles
16. Bubbly Fun In Your Mouth
17. Explosion Atomique Dans Ton Titanesque Trou Noir
18. Throw Your Baby In The Trash, I'll Make You A New One