CD 2016

Sex, Drugs, And Rotten Holes

Methadone Abortion Clinic debuted in 2004 and has released splits with bands such as Screaming Afterbirth, Biological Monstrosity and Stoma. Now they are celebrating over a decade of "porngrind" by releasing their long-awaited first full-length "Sex, Drugs, and Rotten Holes". Featuring 18 tracks of gore for fans of Rompeprop, Hymen Holocaust or Bile!!

1. Sex, Drugs & Rotten Holes
2. Park Bench Fecal Party
3. Soup Kitchen Massacre
4. Back Alley Surgery
5. Homeless, Satan Bless
6. Slumlord Of The Cock Rings
7. Shittin Pretty
8. The Garbage Man
9. Entrails Ripped From A Vegans Cunt
10. Porn In The U.S.A.
11. Street Crawlers
12. Urgin Virgin
13 .Bestial Short Bus
14 .Hobosexuals
15 ..Luchador Gangbang War
16. Mermaid In A Mans Hole
17. Everybody Must Get Boned
18. Diarrhea Of A Bad Ban