BLP 0161 - CUM
CD 2016 

Necronicle Continued​-​A Journey Into the Morbid Mind of Serial Murderers VOL​.​1

1st of 5 CD´s of upcoming C.U.M.plete collection of this japanese matadors of serial murders gore capacity!!

1. Sonic Hate Spleen Rupture
2. Never Spend My Time In Wholesome
3. Vivid Stains Of Hematomania's Delirium
4. Hate From The Womb
5. Outro
6. Intro
7. Vivid Stains In Hematomania's Delirium
8. I Am As Beautiful As I Have Killed
9. Supraliminal Psychosadistic Motivation
10. Hate From The Womb
11. Bleeding For Spermqueen
12. Mass Murder, The Only Way To Become God
13. Boneyard
14. Intro
15. Rape And Slaughter Like An American Murderer
16 .Too Many Killed To Confess
17 .Rhetoric Of Homicidal Perversity: Psycho Thriller Masturbation
18 .Joy To The Kill... By My Victim
19 ..Where There's A Killing, There's My Way
20 .I'll Confess Everything That I Have Ever Killed 5 People And The One Was A Little Girl
21. The Man Who Aimed At Maximum Murder To The Greatest Pleasure
22. Like A Virgin (Like A Whore)
23. Multiple Parasexuality Disorder
24. Mutilation, Rape And Serial Murder As Modern Metaphor
25. Murder Is Better Than Birth
26 .Multiple Parasexuality Disorder
27. The Chamber Of Horrors..Meat Fuck Desecration
28. Murder Is Art Accepted By Many Artists