ROMPEPROP Menstrual Stomphulk  MCD


First MCD of this holland perverse goregrinders bakc on BLP!Really sick release!!!







01 Int(i)ro(l)

02 Dislocated Purple Stoma

03 The Erected Underwater Necro-Clitstomper

04 Zuilzalf

05 Pelikanelul

06 Swarming of the Cysts

07 The Babyshitter

08 Cuntlava

09 Boneyard

10 Crash Test Faggots












(made by Stauderer János, Hungary)



1.      As introduction, please, tell us all important things about the band Rompeprop! I need a correct biography, disography, list of projects etc.


The present line-up of Rompeprop exist out of:

Dirty Dr. Dente: Plays the 666 string fucksaw and does the headleading vomit barkings. He’s 42 years old and in his daily life he makes toys for the children who are five years or younger. He’s also a doctor in a childhospital.

Jores Du True: Handless the bloodshifted slashhammer and does the background garglings. He’s 19 years old and met Dente while he was lying in that childhospital for an operation at his ass (he had piles, ghe,ghe). He’s a student at the ‘University Of Anatomy’ in Plakgat, where he follows the study ‘anatomy of the female body’. He earns his “black” money by doing some forbidden abortions by the whores, who are living in the nunnery which in our town.

Micheil Menstrual Mummy: Boisterous buzzing bass and screaming barkings. I’m 26 years old and spending my time by lying each year, for a couple of months, in the worldwide known Dutch laboratorial hospital ‘Verneukjezelf Voorpoen’. They do insane experiments with me overthere, but it earns very well!!!


The idea to start this band is born by Steven Smegma. A few years after he had quit his former band (Bowel Crust), it was December 2000, his lust for gore still wasn’t over. In the Dynamoclub he met Dente and Jores, and the threesome decided to make some noise together, just for fun, drinking beer and to spend their weekends with grind. They had a great bullshitting time together and spit out one song after the other. So in February 2001 they almost had all the songs ready for our first cd ‘Menstrual Stomphulk’. But they didn’t had a bassplayer. In May I met those assholes at the Fuck The Commerce fest, just by accident. When we I drove with a couple of other friends to that fest their car went broke. My friends and I decided to help those poor suckers, and so we went together to that fest. After a few days of drunken fun and making crap together, they told me that it was a pity that I didn’t play bass. The stupid thing was the fact that I was searching at the same time for a new band. So that was a big coincidence. A few days later I did a rehearsal with them, and at that same rehearsal ‘Pelikanelul’ was born. Rompeprop was completed!!! In February 2002 we brought out our first mcd ‘Menstrual Stomphulk’. A big success and the first 500 pieces were sold out in a month. Our first gig was in the Dynamoclub and a bit later we played also in other pubs in the neighbourhood. A year later, in February 2003, we recorded ‘Hellcock’s Pornflakes’. And that was the beginning of the gigs ‘further away’. We played at several places in Holland, for example at the ‘Dynamo – Houdoe en Bedankt Fest’ (with Doro, Skyclad, Sinister, Destroyer 666, etc.) and Óp Volle Snoeren’ (with Gorotted, C.B.T., Inhume, Pigsty, L.D.O.H., etc.). We had many gigs.Steven couldn’t handle that anymore. His bad health and his job forced him to leave the band. That was a big shock, because he’s a good friend but he also was a great frontman. But that couldn’t be the end of Rompeprop. We, and Steven also, didn’t want to!!! We tried to search for a new vocalist, but that didn’t work. They were all good guys, but it didn’t match. They were all to serious, while we’re just some drunken stupid gore grinders who only make crap... So we decided to do the garglings ourselves, and that wasn’t even so bad.Even while Steven left the band, we wanted him to do the headleading vocals at the split-cd ‘Just A Matter Of Splatter’. As kind of farewell, to explain his leaving, but of course also because he could use the pitchifter as no one could do. So it’s done. After that time we were very curious if our fans liked Rompeprop as before, because Steven always was a great frontman and now it just was the three of us, so a big part was missing. But we’ve become really great responses, from all over the world. Unbelievable!!! After that we’ve played at many places. ‘No fillers Just Killers (Germany)’, Sursee (Schweis), ‘Obscene Extreme (Tsjechie)’, ‘Maryland Deathfest (U.S.A.)’, and lots of places more.


2.      Can you tell me the meaning of the bandname Rompeprop? Does it have a real meaning in a foreign language (maybe in your native language), or only a phantasie-name?


Romp’ means Torso and ‘Prop’ means Cloth, so Torsocloth would be some kind of translation, but that sound very stupid. If we had called ourselves Torsocloth people would have thought that we we’re some kind of black metal band. A Rompeprop is a cancershaped tumour, which is growing on/in some peoples torso and is as big as a football. That thing is full of nails, bone, hair and all kind of disgusting stuff. We’ve seen a lot, but when we were ones watching Discovery Channel, and that tumour came on, we started to laugh and puke at the same time. At that moment Steven said:’Tsjee dudes, watch that, watta disgusting Rompeprop!!!That was the birth of our name.


3.   I dont have your first album. What kind of music did you play on that? And what does the definitiongroovy goregrindmean


Just like on the other two, but maybe a bit more groovy. More ‘hoempa’ beats, less blast beats. For me groovy means that feeling that you get when you’ve fucked a beautiful bitch, and afterwards you’ve gat that big smile on your face and when you’re walking away, than you do it with big marbles. (Do you understand what I mean?!)


4.      As far as I’ve noticed, there is not only the music, but also the image very important for your band. Can you caracterize for us the image of your band with words?


A bunch of pornminded grindfreaks, who like to drink lots of beer and smoke lots of weed, and who are thinking that the serious way is not the way to survive this  sick world. Preaching humour and to do the things you’re really wanna do, to do these things today, cause for what reason or for who would you let it?! It’s your life, so live it!!


5.      If I look on the lay-out of your latest CD’s, I can notice, that your visual conception (but also the textual conception) is interested very much in perverse sex (fekal action, lesbian action, animal sex, anal sex, sex with mutilated / amputataed woman, sex with woman with developmental abnormalities, sex with menstrual wooman etc.). And what about the persons in the band in their privat life? Or is it only a funny image? What was your most perverse or brutal sexual experience?


We think that porn rules the world, because everything in the world is connected with it. And this counts also for our private lives. An example for this is the fact that the pornindustry makes a part of Dente his living. Cause of the current economy in our land he’s forced to make, next to his normal job, some ‘black’ money in that scene. To make his living payable, he has to fuck old lonely women who’ve past the sixtee. It’s a filthy job, but it earns good and someone gat to do it. In a kind of way he’s a sort of social worker. One of the perverse experiences I had once, was on the Wacken Open Air Fest in Germany. After an six houres drive to that fest I stepped out of the car and 1 minute later a girl came to me. She was about 17 years old and was wearing Snoopy pyjamas. A strange thing was that she’s only gat one eye (later I’ve heard she was born that way.), but next to it she was very pretty. But oke. The first thing she said to me was: ’Hi, I see that you’re not from Germany. Whe’re you from?’ I said: ‘Well, little Snoopy girl, we’re from Holland!’ She said: ‘Wow!! I love Holland!!’ And than (believe it or not) ‘Do you wanna come to my tent? I’m very lonely, cause my boyfriend just broke up our relationship?!’ So I thought: ‘Why not. I’ve deserved it!!’ So 4 minutes later I was fucking that bitch in her tent. That was really an, hard to believe but, amazing experience!! Jores once gat a blowjob, after one of our shows, from a female midget. But that’s an other story....


6.   The pseudo-names of the bandmembers seems to be very interesting and sick, for exampleMicheil, the Menstrual MummyorDirty Dr. Dente”, but I like also the funny descriptions of the instruments, you play, and function of the bandmembers in the band, like for example „6-6-6 Strings Fucksawlubricator of Atari-goatmilk”, „Unholy foltertorso”, „Faggotcrash”, „Sarcastic Fuckslutpounder of Tuperware-negros”, „Karatepoltergeist”, „Vulvastomp & IKEA-Floorporno”, „Cumlord of bloodcockrapeetc. etc. etc. You are using also masks to hide your faces… I know, that thses all are parts of the humorous image, but do you want to be also anonym?


No man, that’s not the reason. We’re just too ugly to look at. Even for the goregrind and that’s no joke. The parents of Dr. Dente had in his early years no money to buy a mouthbrace for him, so now he has a horsesnout. Sometimes when he doesn’t wear his mouthcap on stage, he covers it with blood or let his hair hang over his face so that you can’t see it. And when you watch his eyes, you can see that these are also weird. He has a strange ‘eye pressure disease’, so when he’s to active, those things almost pup-out. I’m attacked by a Doberman 6,5 years ago. That stupid animal bit in my left arm, my face and in my belly, just above my dick. So I’ve big scars at my left under arm, from my left ear till my nose, and last but not least from my navel till upon my..... dick... (Why do you think they call me ‘Micheil Menstrual Mummy’?!!!) Jores is just bald and wears a wig, but that’s a secret, so you haven’t heard it from me. So no, it has nothing to do with anonymity, but yes, I guess you’ll never see us without these masks/wig.


7.   What is the opinion of your families about this kind of madness, you make? What do you think, how long can you be active with a so bizarre image?


As long as we like to. Our families like our stuff very much, cause they’re porn maniacs themselves. Some of our lyrics are even written by them or what we saw them do. For example. ‘The Erected Necro Clitstomper’ is based on a true story, happened by Jores his brother called Hendrik-Jan. So you see, they support us all the way!!!


8.   What is your biggest inspirator in texts and visual devices? The beer or porno-movies? Haha!


Yes indeed, those two are both the biggest. But we get also lots of inspiration from the Discovery Channel, Nickledeon (Cartoon Network) and weed. Don’t forget we’ve also our own experiences!


9.      What do you think about the sexual perverted killers, or about them, who rape children or women. On the front-cover of the split-CD with Tu Carne I saw also a small pedofile picture abot a shitting girlIs it a joke, too? I hopeHaha!


We, ofcourse, hate those pity figures. We only like porn when all the members, who are involved, like it and want to do it. For that reason we also only fuck dolphin’s, cause we know that they like it, ghe, ghe. And to make something clear; that picture of the shitting girl is no pedofile picture. It seems so, because she a small Chinese girl, and those girls often look younger than they really are. But I can secure you that she is not younger than eighteen.


10.  The peole are so often stupid, and they use to indentificate for example the actors with their role in a film etc. (for example „Jockey Ewing’s atritst is evilorDr Benton’s artist is cleveretc.). Did you ever meet such kind of ideas, that you are the same, like your topics in songs?


Yes, but aren’t we?.....Most of it is true.....


11.  As far as I know, Rompeprop has a project with the boy from SMES, and its name isKots”. Can you write us all the important facts about Kots (discography etc.)?


I’m sorry, I can’t. This is just a project from our drummer and Erwin (the vocalist from L.D.O.H./SMES). The only thing I can say about it, is that they’re good friends who are filling their free time with smoking lots of weed and eating pizza, and during that they always make the most filthy bargs. And so Kots started as some kind of joke. One evening they recorded it, and later they brought it out, just for fun. They never expected it would be such a great success, ghe,ghe. But that’s all I can say about it, I don’t know exactly what they brought out and stuff...


12.  If I look at the front-cover of Kots’ CD, I think always on „Men in blackmovieAm I right? But the music doesn’t remind me to a space or cyber-feeling, it has a totally other fellenigOr?


See above.


13. The songs of Kots’ album have very primitive structure and are similar to eachother. How long time did you need to make this kind of electric-gore-madness? And how many time do you need for the creation of a Rompeprop-song?


I don’t know that, and neither do they. They always forget the time when they’re stoned, so that’s why. A Rompepropsong is most of the time made in one rehearsal. When the three of us are at the same drinking level, a song can be made in an hour. But we’ve also rehearsals that nothing comes out. When we’re gonna provoke it, it doesn’t work. The best songs are always born by accident


14.  What do you think: is Rompeprop’s music more near to punk or to metal?


I think it’s both. Before Rompeprop Dente has played in the deathmetal band ‘Premature Burial’, Jores in the deathmetalband ‘Abhorrence’ (Hol.) and I in a punkband called ‘Queres Háblar?’. So that’s where those influences come from. Mix it up and you become Rompeprop. So it not strange you shall hear both kind of genres in our songs.


15.  The label of your last two releases („Hellcocks…” album and split album with Tu Carne) was Bizarre Leprous Production. How are you satisfied by this firm?


Before Bizarre Leprous we had a label called Dismemberment Records. In the beginning that label did a nice job, but later they made promises where they didn’t stick to. That label promised us to make 1000 pieces from our ‘Menstrual Stomphulk’ cd, but when the first 500 were sold out, they told us that they hadn’t the money for the rest. So we had to wait for a while, they said. Nine months later they still hadn’t the money and than Bizarre Leprous told us that they were interested. Because of the fact that we wanted to bring out a new cd and because we knew that it was a big label, we decided to step over on Bizarre. Since that time everything is going as we wished. We’ve noticed that they have lots of contacts, and cause of that we became mails from all over the world and were we invited to play in other countries. So we are very satisfied


16. What do you think about the releases of Bizarre Leprous? Do you like them? Which stuffs are your favorites?


Piece for piece great stuff. I like the shit from Pigsty the most!!!


17.  As far as I know, Bizarre Leprous have a division also in your fatherland. Are you active in thisDivision Netherlandsor is it independent from your activities?


We aren’t, but they became good friends of us. The man behind Bizarre Leprous The Netherlands, called Robke, is a great and funny dude. He plays also bass guitar and has a grindband of his own. We see them a lot because we’re playing sometimes with them, and when we’re going to a grindfest somewhere, the often come with us. There’s only one sad thing; none of them is a drinker or a smoker, grrrrrr.....


18.  All buyes of your split-album with Tu Carne can read the goodbye-words of your ex-singer Steven Smega, who left the band 2004. What was the reason of his step? He wrote, that you will continue the band three-some, and you three will make all vocalic parts of the band in the future. Why don’t you search for a new singer?


The past years his hart and other bodyparts were showing big problems. This was obliviously when we had a gig somewhere. He was incredible tired before and after a gig, and was often puking blood also. So no good. His bizzy way of living; being the programmer of the Effenaarclub and writing reviews in the Aardschock metal zine, did him conclude had to quit with Rompeprop. Otherwise he would be dead or insane soon. For now it’s going oke with the three of us and we’re very satisfied. That doesn’t mean that we’re not interested in a new Master of barglings, but it’s no must. There’s always a possibility. Alcoholic gorebastards (especially females) with no shame and no brains, and who always have porn on their mind (not in a sensitive- or gayway!!!) are always welcome to take a rehearsal!!!


19.  The texts on the split CD are written by a foreign boy, Peter Pan Speedrock. Who is this boy? A good friend of the band?


That’s a little dude with a big cock, which’s flying around to fuck little elves.... No man, that bullshit. That’s a rockband from Holland (Eindhoven ofcourse!!!). They’re playing music in the vein of Motörhead, but at their own way. A fucking unbelievable good band, who are having lots of gigs all over the world. We know them very well, and have played with them on the ‘Tribute to Peter Pan Fest’. The funny thing is that we did that cover of them (Donkeypunch) and they went insane!! We changed it a bit, and afterwards they told us that they were jealous at our way of playing their song, because it was more brutal then their own way of playing it, ghe,ghe. They even bought our ‘Just a matter of splatter’ cd, just for that song.


20.  Do you like football? Haha! I hate Ajax Amsterdam. You, too? But PSV is cool! Feyenord, too! As far as I know, you are living in Eindhoven… Do you know the football-players of PSV? Your favorite team?


We are big PSV fans. We go to every game they play. And you’re right; Ajax sucks!! But Feyenoord sucks even more!!!


21. I guess, the most of the vocals of your songs are effected. How much percent effect and how musch percent organic vocals are there?


Almost all off our songs are (99,2 % effected, 0,8% straight). We use the pitch and we fucking love it!! Grind must be as disgusting as can be, so we think that a pitchifter can make our music more powerful. Ofcourse it’s always nicer when you make such a vomit noise with your own tar lungs, but we choose for the pitch. The one we use is one of the firsts ever made, called ‘Omega – Triplexkeutel Transformer, Type 4.52 RX’. It’s a pitchifter made somewhere in the beginning of the 80’s. And there are just six pieces left in the world....


22.  In the booklet of the CD „Hellcocks…” I read a statement, that the band, isn’t interested in politics or religion etc. And as private people?


We do, but we don’t let it control our lives. Cause of the shit that’s happened the past years in the world it’s not possible to close our eyes for the politics. None of use has a religion. We think it’s bullshit that people spend their whole live for something that may be when your dead. And even more stupid, kill eachother cause of religion. It’s oke that some people get power out of their religion, but don’t bother me, cause I don’t like to waste my time with it.


23.  The most of the grind/gore bands are „just” studio-projetcs. But when I look to your band-pictures, I see real live-photosAm I right? Your best live show ever? How are you ont he stage? Like little girls, who have a fear? Haha! What is that „Dynamo”-club, where your pictures are from? It is not the famous Dynamo-open-air-festival, or?


That’s indeed the Dynamocafe where it all started. The first Dynamo Open Air Fest was outside of this pub. And this event went out to a big world famous metal meeting with thousands and thousands of metal visitors. When this cafe had to close his doors, cause of rebuilding, they decided to give a last big party, just like the first DOA Fest. Big names like Doro, Sinister and Destroyer 666 had to play, and yes, we also. This was a one of the greatest gigs we ever had. The funny thing was that this was in the middle of the centre of Eindhoven. Cause of that, many shopping people with children and grandparents went curious, so they decided to come over to watch. So when we started to play they where shocked. At the moment we came on and Steven took out his big cock out they all started to yell, cause they didn’t expect that and so they look away and put their hands for their children’s eyes. Our fans went insane, and a big laugh party was their reaction. That was a great unforgettable moment, ghe,ghe. After that a big moshpit started and we had the evening of our live.


24.  How is a normal, usual Rompeprop-live-show? With porno-models and little babys with cut necks? Haha!


No, I know it’s a pity, but we’ve no naked girls or slaughtered babies on the stage. They are hard to find, you know. We’ve searched for them and put advertisements in the Dutch newspapers, but no reactions. Maybe in the further...I hope...


25. Which model would you like invitate to your bed from the back cover ofHellcocks…” CD?


The girl that is standing on Steven’s right shoulder and with her ass in my face. But that’s not fair, cause she’s my girlfriend and she’s lying each night in my bed.
I would like to have a threesome with that braun hairy girl, left under in the corner, (the one with her hand in that pussy) and my own bitch. That would be awesome!!!   Grrrrr


26.  Your last words & comments?


Thanks for your support János. Stay gore and let your dick swing around you all overthere in Hungary!!! (Not the females ofcourse, you just spread your legs, and we’ll do the rest, ghe,ghe.) Cheers!!! Micheil Menst







ROMPEPROP: „Menstrual stomphulk” MCD (BIZARRE LEPROUS 2007)
Ezúttal Rompeprop esetében nem beszélhetünk friss kiadványról, ez az
MCD tulajdonképpen a csapat első, és mára igencsak ritka
kiadványának utánnyomása, teljesen friss dizájnal megtoldva. A tíz
tételes anyag még grind/gore viszonlatban is rövidke, mindössze 20
perc, de ez legalább tömény, széttorzított, extrém és morbid esszencia
ezektől a betegesen szexőrült, perverz hollandusoktól. Ez azaktuális
(eredetileg 2002-es datálású) korong zeneileg semmiben nem tér el az
Oral Climax #1-ben bemutatottHellcock’s pornflakescímű debütáló
lmezüktől, így utólag nekem úgy tűnik, ezt a vonalat tűzték ki
maguknak a srácok már a kezdeteknél is, és ezt is vitték tovább a
mindezidáig megjelent összes kiadványukon. Túl sokat nem akarok
áradozni róluk, a „fiatalabbbandák vonulatában szerintem ők az egyik
legjobbak most Európában, nyilván minden igazi fanatikus ismeri már
őketEz egy soronkívüli ajándék a kiadótól és bandától, nyilván kevés
fanatikus tudhatja magáénak az annak idején mindössze 500
példányban napvilágot látott első szériás lemezt, így itt a lehetőség
megszerezni eredetibenHajrá!
Orla Climax Fanzine, Hungary
rual Mummy