brutal goregrind with tekkno intros and videoclip



01. Everyday Consumation (The Legend Continues..)
02. Golden Intestinal Cyst
03. To Mince And Fuck Up
04. Dumplings, Cabbage, Techno
05. Messerschmitt And Junkers - Madrfakrz Bunkrz
06. Asthray Made Of Beef
07. Attentioni Your Vitreous Body Is Running Out
08. Desensitized (Regurgitate)
09. Secretion Of The Shrubbery
10. Rebound Phenomenon During The Sudden Withdrawal Of Antihypertensional Medication
11. Cold Turkey
12. Exinguisting The Swollen Balls
13. Virtually Self-Urinated
14. Heroin Harrashment
15. Faekalic Hydroxide
16. Oslotron
17. Cunt Slime
18. Dead Body Love (Pungent Stench)
19. Cold Turkey Video Track