ALIENATION MENTAL “Alienation Mental“  3rd CD  2011

NEO MACHINE GRIND Bastards are back to Grind you ALL!!! WIth their highly anticipated 3rd Full Length Album!!  One of fastest drummer !!!!! A Must for fans of Cryptopsy , Cephalic Carnage, Dying Fetus...
Split released label is Nice To Eat You Records



01 Impurity
02 Nonsense
03 Forgery
04 Frenetic's Wish
05 Evolution
06 Ill Neglect (Brutal Truth cover)
07 Psychotarget
08 Indifference
09 People's Emotions 53 Seconds Before the End of the World
10 Regret
11 Follow the Perfecitizen


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                MP3 - 04 Frenetic's Wish
10 Regret