ANUS MAGULO “Assophilia“  Second CD 2015

Poland grindcore machnine smashing heads and assess since 2007. They've released a full album "Chain Erection" in 2011. Now the new stuff is coming! It's entitled "Assophilia", consists of 11 unique pieces of bulldozing and crazy music for the grindcore fans, from the grindcore fans! Up your ass!!


01 Pokolenie Gender
02 Anusove Love
03 Anus
04 Rzucili Kurwy Na PGR
05 Januszku, Napij Sie
06 Rzygalem W Pulawach
07 Kill Life
08 Kochanie, Zesralem Ci Sie Na Klate
09 Szczeki
10 Outro

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