AUTOPHAGIA Postmortem Human Offal CD


brutal goregrind from Greece



01. Intro (Prophecy of gore)

02. Screaming with shit in mouth

03. Dexterous mutilation of pneumothorax

04. Asphyxized with entrails on his neck

05. Black pus

06. Intro (Hymn of bizzare atrocities)

07. Postmortem human offal

08. Vomit yourself

09. Self disembowelment

10. Liquid puke from the nose

11. Remove the organs through your mouth

12. Genitals on my face

13. Obey to get indepedence (Filthy Christians cover)

14. Intro (Septicemia of deformed remains)

15. Cut my throat

16. Mayhemic abortion of a pregnant carrion

17. Pyuria

18. Laryngas aimorrhagia

19. Congenital tympanum catastrophe

20. Purulent pollution of eczema

21. Miasma cadaver

22. Intestinal massaker from the rectum

23. Asepsiophago thanatosis

24. Anal psoriasis

25. Third world genocide (Extreme Noise Terror cover)

26. Intro (Macabre noise holocaust)

27. Spastic gore grind