the split cd of the dutch extremists Brutality Reigns Supreme and the spanish master grinders Gruesome Stuff Relish. Never thought that music could be so violent and agressive, this masterpiece blowns your brains out.



Brutality Reigns Supreme
01 I'm not insane
02 Bleed and suffer
03 Release your hate
04 Cannibalism
05 Scream for vengeance
06 Strangulation
07 Incest
08 I don't take it
09 Ancient wishdom
10 Bitch II
11 Let me die
12 Sadistic forces
13 Your god brings war
14 BBQ at state prison
15 Necrophilliac lovers
16 Boneyard (Impetigo cover)


Gruesome stuff Relish
17 All they need is blood
18 Cannibalistic bloodfeast
19 Mondo freaky
20 Soft dead skin
21 The bite of the zombie
22 Naked and wide eyed
23 Redneck apocalypse
24 Lunch time
25 Somewhere at an altar
26 King of psycho's
27 I relesh the gruesome stuff
28 Eaten alive
29 They are everywhere
30 Exhumed stuff
31 Let's kill someone tonight
32 Meat is murder
33 Zombie wizard
34 Savage flesh eaters