BUTCHER M.D. “Traces Of Blood“   CD 2015

Debut full CD of new international goregrind cummando from Russia and Dutch!! Is sick goregrind tracks for fans old Regurgitate LDOH!! On vocals is Erwin from LDOH, SMES, KOTS etc!!!


01 Trusting, Killing, Concealing
02 Unexpected School Bus Driver Heart Attack (Children Mincemeat)
03 Explosive Extraction Of The Brain
04 Pulsating Blackheads About To Burst
05 Shotgun Turns Gutgun
06 Abdominal Cavity Vomified By General Surgery Intern
07 Concrete Boots Underwater Woods
08 Boiled Alive In His Own Blood
09 Old Hag Coiled On The Truck Wheel
10 Steering Collumn Face Punch
11 Fake Tits Replaced With Two Severed Human Heads
12 Blistering Bowels
13 Devoured By Oozing Stomach Acids
14 All In Russian Roulette Loser
15 Public Carcass Disintegration II
16. Traces Of Blood

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