CD version of rare material, Japanese cyber goregrind freaks!!!


01 I Cum To Taste Your Blood, I Cum To Take Your Soul
02 It's Pure Fucking Hatred! World Showcase Of Cruelty And Bloodshed
03 Too Many Killed To Confess
04 Where There's Killing, There's My Way
05 Rape And Slaughter Like An American Murderer
06 The Chamber Of Horrors... Meat Fuck Desecration
07 Murder It's A Proof Of One's Conscience And A Necessary Evil Most Necessarily
08 Rhetoric Of Homicidal Perversity Psycho Thriller Masturbation
09 We Approve All Types Of Terrorism But We Prefer Mass Murder
10 The Power Of Hatred Compels 'Em All
11 Mutilation, Rape And Serial Murder As Modern Metaphor
12 Declaration Of A Serial Killer​.​.​. Mental Terrorism
13 Murder Is Better Than Birth
14 Multiple Parasexuality Disorder
15 The Man Who Aimed At Maximum Murder To The Greatest Pleasure
16 Murder Is Art, Accepted By Many Artists
17 Campaign For Legalize Murder
18 Catasexuality It Means Sexual Interest About A Matter To Let You Recall Death
19 It Is Very Dangerous That Recognize A Murderer As Mysterious Existence, And To Do Sacralization, But, As For The Person, It Is Not Sometimes Stopped It
20 The Reason Why I Murder A Person, It Is Not Only Hatred. Sometimes For Being To God, Sometimes For Being Real To Myself

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