DIN ADDICT Music For Opened Minds CD


… political grind core from hungary



01. You Explored Your Female Sexuality In The Jail

02. You're Retired

03. Your Boyfriend's Boyfriend

04. Another Reason To Stay Home, And Watch Tv

05. Porn, Confirmed By The European Union

06. You Want To Play In The Underground Scene, Because You're Gay

07. Scorched Crossroad

08. Your Life Is Fine

09. Insidescream

10. Scream From Your Ass

11. Killing Carrot

12. Reduce Your Weight Easily, Die!

13. Japanese People's Song

14. Your Girlfriend's Favourite Newspaper Is Cosmopolitan

15. Will You Suck My Dick, If I Apologize To You?

16. Nice To Meet You?

17. Lack Of Intellectual Independence

18. Thought-Provoking

19. Being Trendy In 2003 Too

20. Born Alive, Live Dead

21. Economy Is Gay

22. Pop Music Will Never Die

23. Hate Me!

24. The Inhuman Selection Game

25. Re-Routing

26. Predestinated Slavery

27. Chains