EROTIC GORE CUNT “Sick Songs For Infected People“  second full CD  2012

That album has 16 tracks pure dirty groovy Grindcore in the vein of Cock & Ball Torture, Satan`s Revenge On Mankind and Rompeprop. That album is recorded in the Low.B Studios in Germany with cooperation from Satan`s Revenge On Mankind.


01 Introducing To The Sickest Pain
02 Purulent Squirting
03 Aids Cocktail
04 The Lepra Circus
05 Inflamed Asshole
06 Abcess Titts
07 Bacteria Holocaust
08 Fuck The Immunesystem!
09 Rotten Rectum (Full of Maggots)
10 Syphilis King´s Club
11 Trichuris Trichiura For Dinner
12 Parasite Delirium
13 Fungus Infection
14 Gastroenteritis Effekt
15 Unbelievable Gonorrhea Symbiose
16 Decubitus Slurper

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                MP3 - Aids Cocktail
Parasite Delirium