FECAL BODY INCORPORATED“Pathogenesis / Origin Of The Grinding Flesh“  re-released debut CD

Re-released debut album Bulgarian extreme groovy goregrind with complete new graphics layout etc...
For fans Rompeprop, Dead Infection, Bile etc.....


01 Intro In the Deep Realms of Pathology
02 Removal of Rotting Fetus from the Womb
03 Pathogenesis
04 Bizzare Body Modification
05 Something Rotten for Dinner
06 Pus Decomposition of Fermented Female Organs
07 Maggots and Rancid Meat
08 Fecal Body Incorporated
09 Genital Ulceration, Necrotizing Fasciitis and Uterus Gangrenous Amputation
10 Outro Gormageddon
11 Horrible Existense (Corpse cover)
12 Designer Of My Identity (Cocklush cover)
13 Intro Maggots Infestation
14 Incarnated Vulva Miscarriage
15 Gonorrhea Macerated Anus
16 Origin Of The Grinding Flesh (instrumental)
17 Origin Of The Grinding Flesh (eerie drone mix)



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