FECAL BODY INCORPORATED “Brown Love“  second CD 2013

Second CD of extreme buldozer groovy goregrind masters from Bulgaria. Excellent sound and perverse atmosphere... for fans CBT, Rompeprop, Hymen Holocaust, Gut, Impetigo and many more


01 Intro / Mental Anal Collapse
02 Consumption Of Melting Feces
03 Rectum Hero
04 Taster Of Vomited Excrement
05 Female Shit (T)Error
06 Scat Injector
07 Rectal Kaviar Sludge
08 Dissected Gore Fecals
09 Make Shit-Not Love
10 King Anus III (CBT cover)
11 Coprophilia (CORPSE cover)
12 Outro/Fecalized

Bonus Tracks (demo - Shitology):

13 Dissected Gore Fecals
14 Rectal Kaviar Sludge
15 Scat Injector
16 Taster Of Vomited Excrement
17 JuliAnus Mourning (COCKLUSH cover)
18 Postmortal Ejaculation Control (COCKLUSH cover)


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