… political grind gore crust from Poland with new songs and covers of Impetigo, Vlcerous, Phlegm, Shit Lickers. Super sound.



01 Rotting On The Cross Of Lies

02 Sadness In Your Eyes

03 Leave Us Alone

04 War Time

05 Living On The Knees

06 Boneyard (Impetigo cover)

07 Mind Collapse Systém

08 Life Like A Nightmare

09 False Unity

10 Blind Fear

11 Find Your Own Way

12 Money Its Your Fucking Religion

13 An Impulse To Create

14 A Better Tomorrow

15 Consequence (Ulcerous Phlegm cover)

16 State Of Depression

17 Working Class Hero

18 Revenge Of Jeff Colby Part 1,2,3,4

19 War Systém (Shitlickers cover)

20 Anal Bitch Gestapo

bonus tracks

21 Useless Human Object

22 Lack Of Activity

23 Witches

24 The Choice…