GRUNT “Codex Bizarre“   Seconf CD 2015

New full CD of Portuguesse sick pervers bulldozer latex goregrind killers!!!! Creepy, disgusting and incredibly perverse sick attack on your diseased brains!!!! The new dimension of perversion and abnormality, what, you have not heard!!!
1000% fetish latex porn gore slime!!!


01 The Sweet Smell Of Servituda
02 Teratoid Latex Feudalist
03 The Edgeplay
04 Vassalage Grotesque
05 Teasted And Tormented
06 Becoming The Dominus
07 Twilight Hybrid Bonanza - Shemale Part II.
08 Levitra Powered Aged Predator
09 Helix Masterpiss (Exotic Aquatica)
10 Supreme Rubbercore
11 Funeral Submission Suite Part I.
12 Funeral Submission Suite Part II.
13 Panzer Enema
14 Sadopsychorama
15 The Speed Freak´s Sadistical Abuse Remix

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