MALIGNANT GERM INFESTATION Exquisite Servings Of Excrement   NEW FULL CD 2016

New CD of british cyber fecal porn goregrind with canaly voice!!! For fans Blood Duster, Dead Infection Spasm!!!


01 Camp Crystal Lake
02 Stabbed With A Frozen Turd
03 Bizarre Sexual Hallucinations
04 Breakfast Time
05 Mercilessly Ravaged Anus
06 As I Feast On Excellent Excrement
07 Paedophile Policeman
08 Smegma Butter Supper
09 Gore Guts Armageddon
10 Necrophilic Nun Fuck
11 Fucked With Amputated Limbs
12 Shut The Fuck Up
13 Zygote Festival
14 Masturbation Party
15 Supper
16 Diarreality
17 Necrophilia Memorabilia
18 Vortex Of Semen And Blood
19 The Deepest Of Coprophagy Depravity


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