Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay LamentationsCD / T-Shirt


… Extreme gore grind with pig vocals ala LDOH, SCD, and all screams make here singer of PIGSTY! Bestial sound and gore as fuck!



01 Silent behind noise (intro)

02 Rather Deaf

03 Pernicious

04 Psycho

05 Confinement

06 Little Duck I.

07 Sexual Spasm

08 Pigsty

09 Thick Head

10 Give milk to child

11 Born to murder the world(cover-Last Days of Humanity)

12 Nasty Flegin smoked ganja in a smelly toilet on train from Vyškov and young guard blasted him in Sokolnice

13 Little Duck II.

14 Studio Song

15 Lamentation