PIGSTY „Re-return“  CD


Repress of their best full CD“Return“ with some bonus!!All is remastered and  absolute new bloody killer artwork!!!!CD included really sick videoclip!!!Only for really UG fans!!!!!!!




„Return“ side:

01 The Return

02 Deviant in your bath

03 Fleshripper

04 Thief of Ganja

05 Pathological Disfigurement

06 Blow Job

07 Sewing Machine

08 Mad Mower

09 Kf*wqtl5gb Fno-@xxx

10 Faget John


12 Three little pigs

13 Cut-throat

14 Who will fuck your fat ass

15 Bullets for Words

16 Bulls on Parade



split side(all songs taken from split CD with CATIVEIRO):

17 Wedding shit

18 The Scorcher

19 Mutilating

20 Glory in Death

21 Train(Enginedriver and crazy Gaurd)

22 The Haemorrhagical Tors Bitch

23 UFO – Society in Shit

24 Free your Mind

25 The Meatgrinder


Unreleased songs:

26 Drunkard Gravedigger

27 The Universe Pig+Money

28 Buried Belief


+videoclip „The Universe Pig + Money = Essence of Existence


MP3: <pigsty_drunkard>


Videclip you can see on:









By János Stauderer of ORAL CLIMAX fanzine


1.                    Hello Mate! Please, tell us everithing shortly about the history of Pigsty! I know, that this is a bit boring work for you, but as far as I know, this is the first intervirew of yours in Hungary. Don’t forget to mention your members (also changings), discography, biggest show sin the life of the band etc etc etc.


Hi!! Here is Ubina from Pigsty, so that:

Civilization of The univers pigs unsuccessfuly tryed to connect with their work – humans. Till 1998 they found new suited medium – „Otyn”. He hired drummer and first official message of "the creators" saw the light of the world. The univers pigs was heard in 2000 again because of bad connection. They connected to four half-humans which they get together because of communication with people and they recorded split cd (The univers pig + monkey = essence of existence) in Bizzare leprous production of Roman Poláček. It was followed by the first full-lenght CD „The Return”(2002), MCD „The Spiders”(2003) and newest CD „Pigs Are Back”. Today pigs are: „Topi” – vocals,  „Otyn” – drums, „Bormann” – guitar,vocals and „Ubina” – bass,vocals.


2.                    The band-name, cover-desings, many song-titles and some album-titles of yours show us an ideology: you are pigs. What means it for you, to be a pig? Haha!


Everymen on the Earth has a little piece of the pig inside. But everybody unknow     this reality...And what means it for us? That we are unique!!!



3.                    Why do you like the pigs so much? Do you like to eat pork-meat, or you can’t hurt a pig, and you eat just vegetables? Haha!


We can hurt and eat pig . Eeating the pork meat and smoke ganja =

easy way to connection with universe pigs



4.                    Let’s open the history of Pigsty with the pre-„The universe pig…”-time of your band! What did you make before that CD? Were there some demo-materials?


The first demo was recorded in 1998 with line-up: Jari – vocals, Otyn + Matheas – guitars and Pepa Ciganek – drums. In these era Otyn played in „Melancholy Pessimissm” band too- he played on the guitar there. It was followed by record of Pigsty in garage – for first time with Topiīs pig voice. Otyn changed his instrument (guitar) by drums on this record.


5.                    My first meeting with your band was the split-CD with Cativerio (Bra). Tell us all the important feelings of yours about that material. Your opinon about Cariverio band’s music?


It was the first official record. We was recorded more songs but play-time was limited because the split. We was happy - Roman (from BLP) says us that the split will release with ex-Gore band. But after listening of their record...Maybe say: Cativeiro make their things good but we donīt understand them J 


6.                    To provokate you: In my view that split CD wasn’t so good. It was a correct demosntrating of existence of your band and it gave a good hope for your future, but musically I don’t find it so high, like other releases. Your comment?


The split CD was a debut. So, my answer is the same as your right question J


7.                    The title of your part of split with Cativerio („The universe pig + monkey = the essence of existence”) and the cover-desing of CD show us a strange and funny life-philosophy. Can you comment it for us?


Itīs not a funny!! We used this tittle once again -  like a tittle of the first song on „Pigs are back”CD. Please, read this universe pig manifest – itīs writed really in detail and simply...


8.                    I think, the sound on the split-CD, „Spiders” MCD and „Pigs are back” CD are very similar, and the sound suggest something cyber or space feeling (or something like in the „Matrix” movie). Am I right?


We play a universe music of universe pigs


9.                    The sound of your stuffs „The universe pig…” isn’t near in my view to that cyber-feeling, mentioned above. Why didn’t you make that tradition also on that CD?


 Sorry, what do you mean? I īm not understand..


10.                 What’s that track „Wedding shit”? Why is the „Society in shit”? And what is the story of „The meatgrinder”?


„Wedding shit” is music from „Wedding shirt” movie (Czech). Society is in shit because too little pigs but too much humans. Story of the meatgrinder is old but it isnīt really funny...very hard to speak because itīs tragic...I can say abou it only one thing – once upon a time Topi experimented with the meatgrinder....in finally he has only one ball (meaning of  the „cock ball”). 


11.                 Pigsty has always killer sound. In the last time everybody can identificate your band from the super sound! Of course there was always devenlopement from stuff to stuff, for example from the super sounding „Spiders” to excellent sounding „Pigs are back”, but the sound is always great! Congratulation! What will be the next step on sound? Can you devenlope that quality higher and higher? Or you reached the highest limit? Haha!


The sound is very important for us. All CDīs we recorded in „Đopa” studio (Czech rep.). Our big friend Jari from Sweden always helps us with our guitar sound. The next step on the sound will be like new songs – again different. No limits!!


12.                 My second meeting with your band was the debut CD „The return”. It’s one of my best favorites from Pigsty-dicography. I think, it isn’t „100%blastingbrutalfastgutturalgoregrindasfuck”, it’s with more phantasy in compositions. Do you think it, too?


„100%blastingbrutal........” – it was the catchword. And every advertising is a lieJ


13.                 On that album I found some really interesting cover-song of Rage Against The Machine. I totally hate those shitheads with their „rock superstars” attitueds and with their fucking stupid liberal-communist ideolgy!!! Brrrrrrrrr! You are a really killer underground band. Why did you make that covers? (Also on „Spiders” MCD is a cover from RATM.) I guess, those covers are musically good versions, and really interesting ones, but RATM is a really stupid shit-band in my view!!! Or do you really like them? Or do you feel near to their ideology? Is Pigsty a political band? Your opinion?


This cover isnīt the tribute to RATM. It isnīt made for some ideology and it isnīt about love or hate to RATM. Iīm glad when you say „some really interesting cover-song” because itīs just right intention of this cover-song. Many bands are making a cover-song of others, but in the same style which they play. For us - good idea is to making a cover-song from different music style than we play, but with grindcore sound!! Pigsty isnīt political band. When weīre singing about pigs we donīt mean  politics J


14.                 Am I right, if I hear int he opening riffs of „Ganja” song (from „The return” CD) also RATM?


No, itīs not RATM


15.                 Did RATM band listen to your versions? How was their opinion about the new versions? Or do they ever know about those covers? Haha!


We mean no because when we recorded this material, they didnīt play already. Perhaps they was wondered if they heard our version...


16.                 The titles of both Pigsty albums („The return” and „Pigs are back”) suggest a kind of coming back. Like somebody comes back to make really big scandal, haha! Am I right here? What kind of scandal or riot would you like to make? Haha!


The return of universe pigs!!


17.                 The most of the grind/gore bands are going always on their own lyrical way. For example there are porno-grind bands, who sing always about sex, there are pathological gind bands, who sing about medical things etc. etc. etc. As far as I noticed, you don’t walk a lyrical way, your lyrics are very several. You have prono-texts, pig-texts, medical texts, political texts, ganja-texts etc. etc. etc. Am I right? Your most important lyrical inspirators? (I don’t ask now Czech beer or joint, hehe!)


Sorry but we havenīt some more lyrical inspirators than you had been saying...only alco-parties, TV, news, some movies and ganja!


18.                 You have some songs (for example „Ganja”, „Free your mind”), whose texts are going about smoking grass. In the desing of „Spiders” there are some little cannabis-sings. In the desing of „Pigs are back” is a photo about cannabis. Would you comment this?


Because GANJA IS SUPER, GANJA IS BEST, GANJA IS EXCELLENT, GANJA IS NICE. Writing songs about this - itīs very gladly.


19.                 Who is that „Faget John”? Dosen’t he lives near to Skeleton-church of Kutna Hora? Haha!


No... heīs John Wayne Gacy – the serial killer from Chicago


20.                 The 16th track of the CD „The return” („Derlilium tremens”) is a story-telling in Czech language. Can you tell us everithing about this track?


This track is taken from Czech old movie. Owner of the voice was a comic starr – „Vlasta Burian”. In this track he described the state of mind when youīre under dellirium...


21.                 Do you know the Czech noise/grind project Ptao? I ask it becasue of your song „Kf*wq#$gb f&@xxx” from the CD „The return”.


I donīt know this project...  


22.                 The third stuff of yours, what I know, is „Spiders” MCD. It was out in a very nice, special shaped form. Whose idea was it? Your idea or the idea of Roman Polacek, owner of Bizarre Leprous label?


Itīs our idea. Think Bormannīs idea.


23.                 You use a bit other logo on the desing of „Spiders”. In the middle of the logo isn’t a pig, but a mouse, or something like that. Why?


In the middle of the logo is a spider...


24.                 Visual devices of „Spiders” remind me to the movies „The fly” and „Matrix”. Am I right here?




25.                 What kind of animals (or insects) do you sing in the song „Thank you mom” about? This animals eat their mother’s body after birth… Does it have any philosophical meaning for you? Höhöhöhö!


Eating mother afterbirth – it isnīt all of it. They Eating mother for survival and this is reason for saying „thank you, mom”J



26.                 A little bit back to the question nr. 24! Every own topics on „Spiders” are going about insects, spides etc. Why do you like them so much? Or do you find them simply interesting?


About spiders  - itīs one closed season of Pigsty band. The spider is unique creation..like a pig;-)


27.                 How is „Wake up!” (of RATM) fit to spiders and insects?


For example: what about „Matrix” movie? „Wake up!” is sountrack from this movie.


28.                 We are back from the past at the most actual thing: „Pigs are back” album. How do you think about that album: Is it a 3-way-split CD or a full length album? You maybe know, why I ask it…


Itīs a full lenght album – devided into three parts.


29.                 Is the line-up’s of your projects the same, like the classic Pigsty line-up?


Yes, there are the same people like the „Pigsty” line-up (except some guests).


30.                 What is the biggest diference between Pigsty and Subba project? I think, Suba’s songs would be fit also to Pigsty. Or? I know, Subba is more hardcore-oriented, but… Also in the text of the song „Blind lambs” I found a part, which


Sorry, I donīt find the end of your question....

Really, something ideas in „Subba” was originally created for „Pigsty”. But for first: In the final we found that it isnīt fit to our CD conception (because of Quadamage etc.). For second: As well as you say – „Subba” is more hardcore oriented and for third: „Topi” isnīt singing in „Subba”. There are singing only guests except the „Bormannīs” voice. The guests are: Jari (from Sweden), Killy („Melancholy Pessimism”) and Putka („Contrastic”).


31.                 If somebody from the band have a good riff or a good idea for a new song, how do you choose the project for the idea? Or do you make the songs for Pigsty and project with total conception?


Every song is in the final selected (for „Pigsty” or for another projects) by our own feelings. Only three songs was created directly for our project – it was songs of „Quadamage”..


32.                 I guess, Quadamage project walk musically the way of Korn, but the vocalisation reminds me to Mike Patton (ex-Faith No More). Am I right?


Many people mean that „Quadamage” is crossover of „Korn” and „Meshuggah”..why not? We very like „Meshuggah”. And Mike Patton? I mean, it isnīt the singerīs intention.


33.                 What kind of language do you use in the project Quadamage? Or is it just a funny joke?


Itīs a „Gamballian” language which is originally used by „Dark Gamballe” band. Their singer created and recorded his vocal parts for „Quadamage” in Gamballian language.


34.                 Do you have other projects, too? Or do you want to make newer projects in the future?


We have only two projects now.


35.                 If you are in the rehearsal-room: What kind of music do you play often? Pigsty-music or music of your projects?


In the rehearsal-room we play „Pigsty” only, except one „Subba” song.


36.                 Why do you need projects? On the album „The return” was also a traditional punk-song „Who will fuck your fat ass?”, which was not 100% fit to Pigsty style, but it was a Pigsty-song… Why don’t you make the project-songs under the name Pigsty?


It was season of „The return” CD and we wouldnīt plan some projects. So that, this song was released like the „Pigsty” song on the whole.


37.                 And the future… As far as I know, your next release will be the re-issue of „The universe pig…” and „The return” on one CD. Why will be out those older stufs again? Are they sold out?


CD „The Return” is sold out but many people still want it. So there will be out this CD + remastered songs from split CD and some bonus too.



38.                 As far as I know, you plan a split CD on BIzarre Leprous in 2005. Tell me about it every important things!


We planed split with „Last days of humanity” band but they are „dead” now. So, now we planing a split with Rompeprop – it will release during the next year.


39.                 Other new steps in career of Pigtsy? What are your plans for the near future?


Now we are making one cover song of „Mortician” for „tribute to Mortician” compilation. You know about planing of a new split CD and about re-issue of „Return”. We wish created some video clip too. Thatīs all in the meantime.


Does Topinka use pitch shifter or other kind of distorsion on his vocals in Pigsty? Sometimes, as I listen to his shrieks, I think, that he was often in slavery of pigs, and his best teachers were the crying pigs! Hehe!


Yes, Topinkaīs voice is about crying pigs. He uses only „natural” voice without any effects.


40.                 I was surprised, that Topi can also real sing (like in the songs of Quadamage). Is it really Topinka?


No, it isnīt Topi. Itīs a man named „10” – the singer of „Dark Gamballe” band.


41.                 What do the Pigsty-members in their privat life? Or are you professional musicians and dyou live typical R’n’R life-style? I guess you are working as butches or in a freezer-house, to meet more and more pigs. Haha! Or?


We are going to work...”Otyn” is a business undertaker, „Bormann” is a PC graphic artist, „Topi” is a stock-chief and I īm working in the Czech railways. Except this I īm playing too in „Contrastic”, „Four seats for invalides” and „Ravelin 7” bands.


42.                 Do you like Piglet from the story „Vinnie the pooh”? Hehe! Why don’t you write a song about him?


Because this piglet is mother fucker...


43.                 As far as I know, Topinka sings also in the band Mincing Fury… . Short news about his other band, please!


„Topi” leaved „Mincing fury...” band about one month ago. They released the new full lenght CD named „7”.


44.                 So Ok, that was all. I hope, this interview was not too boring for you! Your last comments?


Thanks for your interrest about our band. This interview wasnīt boring because your questions make me really busyJ

We never played in Hungary, so for promoters and others: pigstygrind@seznam.cz - itīs our contact mail.

Greetings to Oral Climax zine and to all fans in Hungary!!

PIGSTY“Rereturn“ full CD 

Czech grinders remind about themselves with the re-edition of first long play "The return" and Ep "The Universe Pig + Monkey = Essence of Existence" with bonus as a three unreleased so far tracks. I don't want to split this review in two parts and I'll describe music in all which as you can see is under the banner of Bizarre Leprous Prod. so it must be grind. This time grind presented by Pigsty is played with huge balls of dark humour, some about ganja some gore and society aspects as well. Their music is based on catchy guitar patterns combined with strange, technical parts just like in the song "Thief of ganja" and what is most important that in their songs is really loads to listen! Great vocals of Topi, ex-singer of Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay which are from high and fucking mad screams, growls to pig squeeks and he is helped with vocals thx to also insane Bormann. From time to time
guys are using normal cleam screams like in hardcore music which only makes their music more brutal and catchy as well. Guitar riffs are somewhere close to death metal and simple grind riffs. For me the championship belongs to drummer who is just playing like he was 'throwing thousands of potatos' on his snare drum - his speed is just amazing. There is no reason to split this review just as I said in begining. The only difference is in sound and few tempo changes and so on... Just geniue intense music which takes you one hour and a minute to go through this mind destruction. Mentally deranged music for maniacs of pure

6/6 (V.C.)
Old Temple Records