ROMPEPROP“Gargle Cummics“ full CD  2010 / LP 2011

 ..after long  time of  waiting  are  dutch  gore  grind  masters back
with  full CD. This  Cd  contains  16 hyper  groovy  gore  grind  songs
in perfect  sound. They  are  more  dancy and funny  and whole 
composition of  this  full CD  is  really  very amazing!!!!
What  to  say – buy  or  die!!!!!!!!


01 Quackquack
02 Foreskin Fart
03 Pikzwarteflikkerkak
04 Kñijnen met un V-hals
05 M´n Lul
06 Gr(e)indhoven
07 Horrorable  Hangover
08 Achmeds Arüm(The  Perfect moshlimb)
09 Scottish Handcuffs
10 Tante Shampoo
11 Bring out the dead
12 Deadmen
13 Cleveland Steamer
14 Porn to be  wild
15 Stront. Wie het oe gescheten?
16 Einde

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MP3 -
04 Kñijnen met un V-hals
- 14 Porn to be wild

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