SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE  The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario  CD


sick grind core attack ala old skull grind core  band with groovy gore vokills!!FAST,FAST…….





01 Itś a fast one
02 Itś not taboo if it happens to you
03 Thrashing out gash
04 Designer rock can suck my cock
05 Regurgitation of Giblet-like chunks of pathologically perverse gore
06 De-virginiser
07 Bohemian Sodomy
08 Hot dog down a hallway

09 Letś thrash metal

10 Fuck  I just copped a beer glass to the head!!

11 Gastrological Ventriliquist

12 Revenge of the Afterstench

13 Retreat to nowhere(Napalm Death)

14 I can´t believe  itś not carcass

15 Placenta on the dancefloor

16 Undislodgable Nugget Scenario

17 Napalm Shower

18 Superfunhappysong

19 The Day everything became something