„Extreme Cream“ full CD



… new full CD of this canadian one man extreme tekkno gore grind with absolutelly killer groovy unhuman vokills and really sick guitars mixed with tekkno riffs!!!Its true holocaust for gore grind fanatics!!!!





1.    Intro – The Swampthing

2.    Ass-Ring Lollypop

3.    D.I.Y. Sexuality

4.    Pussy-Market Supersales

5.    The Taste of A Crusty  Punk¶ Cunt

6.    Caninus Cunnilingus

7.    Tight Lips Cunt

8.    Reptal Shortcut

9.    Nasty Sucker Bitches Brass Orchestra

10.Facial Cockslapping Disfigurement

11.Defleshed Pornstar

12.Morse Code Cunnilingus

13.Cataclysmic Pussy-Juice Inundation

14.Futro-Cossack Fuck-Fest




 MP3: <spermswamp_pussy>




Spermswamp Interview (Oral Climax Fanzine, Hungary)


Hails! Are you ready for and interview? We are from Hungary. Do you know anithing about our land? You also made a three-ways-split-CD with a Hungarian band…

Hi there, thanks for interests, i don,t know a lot of thing of hungary, radikalis amputacio is the first band i heard from your land


Spermswamp is a one-man-band. Why didn’t you find other personality to support you in this project? Is it common in the techno-gore-scene, to work alone? Are there also bands, where we can find a team? Some people say, if somebody works alone, than he cant make compromises… Are you agree?

Yes and i will stay a one-man band, at the beginning i started alone because i was the only one who was listening to goregrind into my area, i had no friend who liked this kind of music, and i think work alone keep the music pure, no influences from other member, only mine, no different ideas.  But now goregrind is getting more attentions, and i know people now who are into goregrind, i met guys from Biological Monstrosity, and i think its cool to see that goregrind get born in the quebec’s scene.


When did you get it in your mind, to make this project? Your inspirators?

Haaa it was when i heard for the first time the superb ’’knee deep in her pussy’’ from Libido airbag, i notice then that people can do grind music without having a ’’real’’ band


The most important points in the career of Spermswamp?

its of course the releases of ’’extreme cream’’ on bizare leprous. Im very proud to be on this label, i listen to a lot of his releases for years now. And also when i got offer to re-release my first effort ’’if abortion is a murder, masturbation is a genocide’’. It was released by sindrome prod, the first to get in touch for my band. I still wait for my copies of this cd for now.


I dont know so much bands from this techno-gore-scene, I just know really a few, but to be hones, I dont like too much this style, rather I hate it, but Spermswamp plays a very good music in my view. You can ask me: why? My answer: Becuase I dont feel your music so much techno-orianted and synthetic. Do you use also organic sounds? Or really just techno???

Its really just techno, but like you , i’m not really into the techno-sound. I was at the begining always compared to band like SMES, COUNT CHOPULA, GYNOPHAGIA. It all good bands, but it was worried to get a more personal sound, just to have a special touch in spermswamp. I wanted to people think about spermswamp when they hear my shit, and not think about others bands that i sound like.


Is it possible to make a concert with this style? For example like a DJ in a disco-club or something like that? You mix the music in the live-performance… Or maybe a special show with a guest-guitarist? For example Putrid Pile makes also live-shows…

yes its possible to make that music live. A metal bar in my town asked me to play live, but i was not really interested to play live. I also saw a live fest who was all techno-electro-experimental band, except for Biological Monstrosity who play straight goregrind with real musician, but most of the bands had only one or two members. I also saw a video of libido airbag live, and it seem to be really killer.


In Spermswamp there is also one very interesting thing: You use many voices. You use several female voices and several kinds of brutal gore voices… These make the music interesting and uniqe for me. So the muic wont be just a monoton techno-gore, but also very exciting. Do you agree with me?

yes of course, i think the same. I always try new effects with my vocals, and some i can’t do again, so that why i got all this kinds of vocals, and i also like to use female moaning like music instruments ehehehe, not just to put moaning here and here, but to put it right in the music, like if it was part of the song, hehe.


What kind of music do you like? Do you like normal techno (house shit, rave shit or other kind of shits Haha!), too, or you are a brutal-metal-head (or probably punk-head becuase I find your tempos sometimes „punky”) with this perverse hobby? Haha!

oh i listen to a lot of music, but i don’t like thechno–house-shit-rave-gay-electro. I,m a metal-head since i’m a child. I like grind, gore, black and death metal, i like some punk, like gg allin, i also listen to ambient-creepy music and i even listen to russian folk, irish folk and german folk, coz i like to drink beer to be dead drunk. And i have a folk/viking band inspired by stuff like storm, isengardm otyg, corvus corax, schelmish


I read somewhere on a place relating to Spermswamp (maybe on your website): „Real men watching porno”. Why do you think this? And what kind of porno watch the real men?

its just a compilation of porno-gore that Last house on the right will put out someday. And i will be part of this comp with all porno bands


To be honest, I dont know too much your other releases, just the first full length-CD. Would you tell use everithing about your other splits, demos etc. etc.?

Fist i put out ’’if abortion is a murder, masturbation is a genocide’’ on cd-r and mp3 on the net, next to that was the 3-way with plasma and radikalis amputacio, followed by he split cd with rigor mortis.


On the cover-desing of your debut-CD I read: „Extremely creamy goregrind”. Would you explain this definition for us?

i put that because all bands have now their own style of gore, like some bands say ’’sleazy porn grind’’ or ’’fecal loving grind’’ , so i decided to put my own style too. I think the next cd will be ’’granny fisting anal-drill gore grind’’ or something like that , hehe


In the intro of your debut-CD I hear a folk-music, and I guess, it is Hungraian… Or? And the outro? Is it from Yugoslavia / Serbia? Or?

Its all ukrainian folk for both intro and outro. I like this kind of folk.


At the beginning of the fourth song we get a kind of „intro”. I allready heard this intro at other bands, too, but I dont know, from which movie it is. Could you tell me? Is it also your ars-poetica? Haha!

i’m not sure, but if i remember well i think it came from ’’from dsk till dawn’, something like that


Do the aliens have big violet-coloured penis and green sperm? Haha!

I hope not, i fear an alien invasion


Do they like to fuck rather with girls from Thailand than blond girls? Haha!

i think they like to fuck all women of the human kind ,the  fats,the  ugly, naughty every slut that got a hole


Why they use a small bathtub, when the are fucking with human girls? Haha!

To keep all the female body fluids, for their research on human kind to invade the planet earth.


Your opinion about:

-          Fekal-erotic se


-          Animal sex?


-          Homosexual bastrads?

Its hurt

-          Pedophile bastards?

Too much tight

-          Fuck with a geisha?

Lovely, as long they obey to me

-          Feminists? Haha!

They are born only to be sex slave

-          Anarchist/left winged propaganda grindcore scum?

Stop animal slaughter, eat vegan


How is the „Tase of a crusty punk’s cunt”?

Crunchy and smelly, don,t try this at home


Do you like the „Tight lips cunt”?

The tighter is, the better is


Do you like „Ass-ring lollypop”?

Thats my favorite flavor


What would you do after „Cataclysmic pussy-juce inundation”?

I will probably be drowned in pussy juice


What would you make with a „Defleshed pornstar”?

Fuck her twice


What would you buy on the „Pussy-market supersales”?

Buy a tight lips cunt hehe


What do you understand under „DIY sexuality”?

Do-it-yourself sexuality, i think its a cool name in a DIY grind scene hehe


As far as I know, you run also a label. It’s name is „Blood Cum Records”. Tell us all the important thing about!

i started my label at the same time of spermswamp, ad my sperm-releases help my distro with all the trades, because releasing a cd in canada is very expensive, so i can’t put a band out on cd, but i have the machine to print t-shirts so my label have cd, ep, shirts, but my releases are only t-shirts. And i think its cool because there are not so many goregrind t-shirt


Do you have other musical activities?

of course i have 4 –band for now, i play in a black metal band, i will play drum in Biological Monstrosity and i play in a viking/folk band named Les batards du nord . that mean ’’batards from the north’’


Your privat job? Do you have family? Their opinion about this madness, you make?

they suggest me to see a doctor before its too late


I guess, we are at the end of the interview… Your last comments?

Thank you for the interview, keep the good work brother.

Cum in the faces of feminist, its all what they deserved!!!! RAPE THOSE BITCHES



Well this cd of canadian cyber porn grind project starts very innocently with some kind of folkish melody just to hit us after a while with some sounds of fucking and total schizm. This music is based mainly on drum machine beside which the first role is played by sick vocals: guglings like from a fucking toilet, screams, vomits and whatever you can only imagine. SpermSwamp is not affraid to to use everything what is possible to make their music more sick, obscure and pervert. Well ok, behind it all you can hear distorted guitars and being play mainly in the background but who fucking cares? Samples and the drum machine tear our sanity enough to care about guitars. Even I belive that this effort was done in purpose becuase for this cyber grind genre most important are these sounds and vomits and not a virtuosity on guitars. As we are speaking about drum machine I have to say that it is done just perfect! Sharp samples which are used are ideal for cyber music and what is most important that these are sharp as fuck! Before each song we can hear short intro from porn movie or some stupid horror. It makes me smile when I watched the cd cover showing a naked bitch with a green cosmic sperm all over her which was flowing from huge alien purple cock and so artificial as a fucking shit in a windmill. All its purpose to shock with direct obscurity is really yummy... Even my wife said shortly "this is fucked-up".

6/6 (V.C.)
Temple Records






"miam... what a great cover... a women naked covered with sores... euh,
not with sores but with slime, green slime. (that's, in fact, the sperm of
a power rangers from the space) you now realize that this little band
called Sperswamp is not such a band that wanted is whole life to win a
gold disc, and make a common tour with madonna... (or... not just a
tour...) Sperswamp shows the dirtiest face a extrem metal, and is not
afraid to shock!! very respectful of women, we can guess that the brain
that's hidden behind sperswamp did not learn violin when he was teenager
but he surely listened to BRUTAL TRUTH and watched some stranges movies...
aaa... teenagers...

I used the word "band", 'coz i'm a liar, sperswamp is a one mand man that
come from Canada. after a "If Abortion Is A Murder, Masturbation Is A
Genocide" that was in a noisy vein, here comes our mad canadian (not
Devin, the other one) back, with this "Extreme Cream"... dirty as fuck!

Of course, the guys that cannot bear the nice musick called Porngrind will
not really appreciate this o-pus... all the clichés are here: screams of
pleasure, amusing samples used as an another instrument, a lot of
différentes voices ("liquid-gore", down tuned gore, screams, growls,
grunts... all you want!) but 100% pitched vocals... "when there is no
pitch, there is not pleasure!"
of course, we have a drum programming (strange for a BL band!)  that blast
the whole cd, but stays discrete and effective whereas the voices are is
the light. and behind all, the guitar?? NO!! the 6-strings is the most
discrete instruments, and it gives an effect more noisy, more
Tekno/hardtek, that did not obstructs me. but this not isn't valid for the
whole album, the tracks are very different between themselves, some are
satured by screamms and very explosives, and some are more mid tempo and
fuckin' gore... in the same vein, some tracks are very fucking effectives,
and the other more boring.
Sperswamp seems to make a synthesis between some crazy band in the vein of
up, all the band that listened to GUT when they where young...

here we have an album that'll not change many thing, and I think it's not
the aim of our mad canadian, the anti-porn will not pay attention to this
piece will be all satisfied and the guys will surely like it but make a
bizarre looking while watching the cover..."