STICKOXYDAL Obstetrical Collection CD 


  … second full CD this belorusian extreme grind core with new
 28 songs mastered by Brain(JIG-AI). Really extreme attack!!



01. Introduction to the Obstetries
02. Craniotomy Step i. Transformation
03. Umbilical cordentaglement
04. Meconial Asphyxia
05. Being born in convulsions i think about eternal

06. Hunt the Cunt I.

07. Spondylotomy

08. Craniotomy Step ii. Excerebration

09. Fear of the vaginal birth

10. Dr.Bile and his brief-case with  tools

11. Sonata cis-moll for obstetrician making application of forceps Naegele

12. Bleeding Hole

13. Hunt the Cunt II.

14. Ubipus-ibi incisi, ubi pus-ibi evacua

15. Cut throat games

16. My favorite embryotomy scissors

17. Craniotomy Step iii. Cranioclasia

18. Devisceration

19. Hunt the Cunt III.

20. Obstetrical Collection

21. Sterine flooding

22. Rectovaginal fistula or perineal rupture 3rd degrese

23. Principles of operative obstetries

24. Det rune ation

25. Hunt the Cunt IV.

26. Delicate infantœ lunte

27. Pathologistœ report

28. Like a CBT





Some reviews and intres: