- Culto A La Muerte  full CD



second full CD of this hyper goregrinders from Spain, full of hate, murders, gore and horrors!!!!!!






1.    Descarnada

2.    Henry

3.    Trafikante De Organos

4.    El Cerdo

5.    Durmiendo Noc Tu Cadaver

6.    Seis Aňos Tenia

7.    En La Cripta

8.    Este Mundo

9.    Cronica De Un Perturbado

10. Mortification Corporal

11. Culto A La Muerte

12. …Los Que Traen El Caos!!!

13. Solo Son Pellejo Y Huesos

14. Oh! …Dios Mio!

15. Psychooutro




 MP3: tu carne traficant
tu carne mortification

Grindcore heads from Spain and praisers of horror in their national language called Tu Carne just released their third album thanks to Bizarre Leprous Productions. These guys are playing their gore/grind more in grindcore style which is more catchy and only from time to time they do attack us with blast parts. Thier music has also few death metal influences, just mentioning the opening guitar riff of the song "En la cripta" which to be quite honest is one of my favorites on this cd. We can easily feel in their music a spirit of old Napalm Death which should be considered as a big compliment. Thier gore/grind has roots in old school, no news, they just follow this path using well known patterns but except this thier music all way through sounds really fresh. Guitars play using open strings riffs and everything is based on rythm and dynamics without any virtuosity. All the vocals are growling, screaming... just as it must be. Drums with bass guitar increase this dynamics of the songs not holding only to blasting fast parts but very often using punk patterns. We can also hear some intros from spanish horrors in which I have no  fucking idea what's going on apart that someone is killing other person hehe or other classics. It is a good quality music for listening and drink beer in a good mood.