Vampiric Motives is the new name for Catasexual Urge Motives, more 40 min. new gore grind songs. Neuropathia is Poland gore grind band in Regurgitate vein.



Vampiric Motives
01 It's pure fuckin' hatred world showcase of cruelity and bloodshed
02 The power of hatred compels 'em all
03 Our methodical rampages are allmost always catasexually motivated
04 Murder a proof of ones conscience and a nessary evil most necessarily
05 For extreme serses, extreme killing are most fitting
06 Rhetric of homicidal perversity: Psycho thriller mastrubation
07 The serial killer most foul
08 Too many killed to confess
09 Physical confinementand mental domination: This is state of fetishm
10 Where there's killing, there's my way
11 All interest in torture and killing is only another expression of inient vengeance
12 We approve all types of terrorism, but we prefer massmurder
13 The chamber of horrors
14 Metaphor (Xtra re-mixed version)

15 Maximum murder (Xtra re-mixed version)'

16 Vaginismus
17 Day of the dead
18 State institution for mentally ill
19 Sperminator (GUT cover)
20 Ingrowing agony
21 Disgorging foetus (RGTE cover)
22 Mr. Stench's story
23 Cannibalistic consumption of human flesh