BLP 0163 - S.C.A.T
CD 2016

Greatest Shits

Russian porn goregrinders are back!!!
CD Greatest Shits will be released to mark the anniversary of 10t years of the band!!
Contains rerecorded and remastered and unreleased songs from all old demos/promos/tapes etc!!
18 porn goregrind songs for fans CBT, Gutalax, Spasm!!!

1. Plunger
2. Primative Defecation Process
3. Sexual Degradation
4. Rectal Sniff
5. Undigested Corn
6  Stimulant Putrefaction of Exhumed Virgin's Corpse
7. Bowel Snap Ring (Tangential Section of Faeces)
8. Morning in a Pine Casket
9. Death at the toilet bowl
10. Manic-depressive Psychosis of Eeyore!
11. Self-castration Ritual
12. Patholoproctologist
13. Decorative sphincter changes
14. Ax Quartering
15. Bathing in Feculence
16. Penis Cellulitis
17. Excrement Tasting
18. Blood of the Ripped Whores