LP 2016

Shit Beast

Debut album of czech tupa tupa fecal goregrind gods on 12"LP VERSION!!!

A1. Anal Error
A2. Anus Ice Cream
A3. Robocock
A4. Sucking A Cock Of A Vietnam Veteran
A5 .Koky Is Back
A6 ..Licking The Ass Of A Magical Grandpa
A7. Asshole Ghost - Wishmaster
A8. Tease The Ass With A Jack From A Track

B9. Vlak-In-Off-Ka
B10. Collective Shit In The Morning Sunrise
B11. Swallowing The Seeds Of An Elperly Deer
B12. Asswolf
B13. Pooh, Eeyore And Tiggy Having A Threesome
B14 .Cursed Fart In Pet Bottle