BLP 0220 - Oxidised Razor
CD 2018

Mors Vehementi

New full CD of Mexican pathological old school goregrind cult! For fans old Dead Infection!

1. Macabre Methodology For Cadaveric Preservation
2. Mors Vehementi
3. Perfusion Alcohol Formaldehyde Through The Jugular Artery
4. Flesh For The Scalpel
5. Bleeding Peptis Ulcer (Regurgitate)
6. Facial Tissue Putrefaction Reveals A Morbid Expression
7. Compulsive Addiction Due To Dissection
8. Cadaverous Frenty
9. Faecal Gore Gore Attack! (Gore Beyond Necropsy)
10. Hidrocefalo Esofagico
11. ...With My Knife And Tweezers...
12. Carbowax
13. Copulation With The Abdominal Cavity

Review - Raben Report