2 MINUTA DREKA “Porno Bizarro“   CD 2015

Second album of Italian pathological porn horror goregrinders, it features 18 new studio songs + 1 cover from Necrophagia. Killer old school goregrind for fans Impetigo / Haemorrhage / Gruesome Stuff Relish etc.... Putrefaction forever!!!!


01 Double Feature Fingered In The World Of The Beast
02 Confessions Of A Misogynist
03 Cold Pleasure Will God Ever Forgive Me
04 Gynecrology
05 Taste The Razor Hanzo The Razor
06 Momoe's Toes
07 Fisting Of The North Star
08 Kiss Of The Tentacle Girl
09 Journey Into Old Times The True Feelings Of A Child
10 Meet Matthew The Body Collector
11 Molesting Schoolgirls This Is The Way She Chosen
12 Spermetal Lover
13 The Twisted
14 Shitting In The Wound of Your Soul
15 She's Dead
16 Blood Freak (Necrophagia)
17 Club of Lonely Hearts
18 So Sweet So Dead
19 Strict Education How Can I Keep Living In This World

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