BRADI CEREBRI ECTOMIA “Supreme Heterozis“  debut CD 2013

Belarus dancing goregrind attack... Excellent tupa tupa goregrind for fans Satan's Revenge on
Mankind, Erotic Gore Cunt and next filth goregrind band´s


01 Shintro
02 The Splitting Of Mind
03 Passion of Bertran
04 From Disturbia to Shizo
05 Dr. Shreber's Disease
06 Blasphemia
07 Karphologia
08 Psychotic Disorder
09 Cotard Delusion
10 Shizophazia
11 Logoklonia
12 Externus Encephalon
13 Mosaïque Psychopathi
14 Too awful to be Reality
15 Medulla Ruptura
16 Kill Your Enemy (Dying Fetus cover)


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