„Day By Day“ full CD


killer death metal  with PROPAIN,SCD,GRAVE members!!
Old school death ala Grave,Loudblast and many more old
bands influences are possible to listen.



Bullworth is:

Hertz Peter - vocals

Machintosh - guitar

Patou 2 Frais - bass

Mosquitoo Junior - drums

Michel Nejazy - guitar


Special guest:

Eric Klinger/Pro Pain/Spudmonsters

Ola Lindgren/Grave





1.       Intro

2.       It¶ time

3.       Get your number

4.       Engrave your name

5.       Purveyor of hate

6.       The Curse of trench

7.       Hollow contract

8.       Black hands

9.       Day by day

10.   Waste management



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                    Official web page:  www.myspace.com/bullworth



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