CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION Necronicle Continues - A Journey Into the Morbid Mind of Serial Murderers Vol. 2    CD 2016

2nd of 5 cds of upcoming cumplete collection of this japanese matadors of serial murders gore capacity!!


01 The Man Who Aimed At Maximum Murder To The Greatest Pleasure
02 He Shot Her Down And Ate Her Flesh, And She Said: "Excuse Me For Living But I Preferred To Be Eaten Rather Than To Eat"
03 I Have A Good Knife For Penetration
04 Bleeding For Spermqueen
05 Mankish: Undead And Pulverized Vagina
06 Murderhatekillkillkill
07 I'll Confess Everything That I Have Ever Killed 5 People & One Was A Little Girl
08 Vivid Stains In Hematomania's Delirium
09 For Extreme Senses, Extreme Killings Are Most Fitting
10 Joy To The Kill... Be My Victim
11 I Am As Beautiful As I Have Killed
12 Philosophical Diary Of A Habitual Murderer
13 King Of The Degenerates In The End Of The Century
14 Supraliminal Psychosadistic Motivation
15 Hate From The Womb
16 Defiling The Grave
17 Hate From The Womb
18 Campaign For Legalize Murder (New Version)
19 The Power Of Hatred Compells 'Em All
20 The End Moments As I Position The Blade Above A Spot On Her Chest Where The Heart Should Be
21 Our Methodical Rampages Are Almost Always Catasexually Motivated
22 For Extreme Senses, Extreme Killings Are Most Fitting


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