LYMPHATIC PHLEGM / S.M.E.S. split CD (2002) Re-released (2015)


… twice brutal gore from Brazil and Netherlands



Lymphatic Phlegm “Pathologic Cadaveric Fleshfeast“

01 Necrosis Of A Rather Extensive Part Of The Jejunum-Ileum

02 Inhalation Of Vomitus (Subsequent Pneumo-Interstitial Emphysema)

03 Happy Sickness Of Life (Exulceration)

04 Congenital Tumour Constitued By Embryonic Tissues And Foetal Residues

05 Multiple Induced Foetal Abnormalities In Embryopathia

06 Estimation Of Creatine-Phosphokinase As An Additional Method For Identification Of Seminal Stains

07 Intramyocardial Platelet Embolus Evidence

08 Growth Of The Mucous-Membrane Ill Vein Tissue And Stomach Subjacent Fiber Tissue Layer

09 Inorganic Variety Of Chronic Tuberculous Peritonitis

10 Malignant Tumour Resultant From Epithelial Cells Proliferation


S.M.E.S. “For An Apple and An Egg“

11 Trinocle

12 Dunn

13 Intercoursenet

14 Afleiding

15 Junglefever

16 Ageties

17 Munch-Crunch

18 Cificare

19 Torturarse

20 Miracles

21 Licky Verf

22 Uloock Goregious

23 Topbutter

24 Milk Vampire

25 Fartlig

26 Screwsome

27 In Eggony!