REEK OF SHITS I can feel your wounds are bleeding CD


38 minutes of new songs + bonus demo "Slaughter house". Sound is very good like GUT mix with MUCUPURULENT.



01 Why do you have a sperm in stool, Nanny?
02 The digged up womb
03 A giant shit
04 Sadistic dentist
05 Keen Scream
06 Halitosis
07 The oversealed menses
08 The splitting heamorrage from urinary duct
09 The arse heamorrage isn't merry anywise
10 Occasional Paraoxysm of acute bloody vomit
11 Children anal orgy
12 The bloody dog shit
13 The exrementious vomit during of total constipation
14 Excrement geophagy
15 Still birth
16 Citizen X
17 Livid child
18 The taboo room
19 Consequence
20 The bloody anal probe