SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION - Inventory of Fixtures full CD/shirts



this french brutal gore grind legend signed their new full CD on digipack  on BLP!!!
CD will be out till summer this year!!All gore grind bastards can wait new attack of brutality!!!!




1.    Armchair Generals

2.    Go Forth And Multiply

3.    Misleading Weapon Of Mass Destruction

4.    Natural Apathy

5.    Theoretical Limit

6.    Harmfull Cystome And Practices

7.    Controlling The Rule sOf Unequal Trade

8.    Paying For Their Own Oppression

9.    Industrial Pragmatism

10. Mainstream Media

11. Shackles Of Terrorism

12. Exploitative Practices

13. Hole Of Oblivion

14. Ethnic Oppression



 MP3: <scd_misleading>




Third cd of Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition brings finally real lyrics because till this album everything what these french guys were recording was only improvised vocals in studio. "Inventory of fixtures" is pushed more into political-society themes in lyrics what stoped the era of previous drained in blood and vomit covers - their aesthetics in music. There can be also heard few changes in their music style which went more into pure grindcore with lots of catchy and jumpy riffs based more on rythm then on showing off the skills of playing on each instrument. "Inventory of fixtrues" is hold mainly in mid tempos as I mentioned before in jumpy style which doesn't mean that they can't blast! The faster parts brings association with latest album of Napalm Death especially guitar riffs. Whole album got two vocals: screams and growls which is a little bit too less because some pig squeels are here just desirable. But all in all this cd is great to listen while you want to relax with good quality grindcore. What might be a little disadvantage is that there is no main instrument 'playing the first role' and because of that sometimes this music is a little bit monotonously, but there is nothing else and what else I can say is: it is grindcore.

4,5/6 (V.C.)
Old Temple Records


SCd's review:
" do you know this  feeling, when you was small, that you liked the sugar
flavoured cake of you grandmother Marcelline. but a day, you grand mother
died. then no more sugar flavoured cake. You can find that infair,
horrible, because you were juste addicted to those cakes.
This is my story. I, Worm Eater, I'm a SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION
addict, and I learned that they were in standby...
I was just absolutely sick, and try to kill myself with out-of-date
joghurt. but now... THEY'RE FUCKING BACK!!!

Of course they are back, with a new piece called " Inventory of fixtures"
that stay in the vein of the two precedents album (and I thank you, God of
Putrefaction) but if we stay in this diagram, this new piece has got some
new elements...

For th sad guys that gonna listen to SCD for the first time, you can
imagine this simple reicept: Our frencies are doinggrind with big gore
elements without any gruik gruik, any pitch but with a wild boar named Seb
behind the micro, a screaming guitarist and a bassist who already made a
gangbang with the god of the groove and the god of brutality. Their old
drummer was also a monster but this monster is gone towards others dark
skies (now in Arkhon Infaustus) but the little teddy bear is not really a
bad guys, because we (re)find the master Dirk Verbeuren behind the
drumkit. yes the one wide like the finger of an hummingbird, but who hit
the kit like a bear under ampthetamines.

an other new elements: the old albums were absolutely without titles or
lyrics but now the have titled tracks and lyrics that deal with ...
society. NO intestines that fly trough the air, no broken skull, no hung
baby. The lyrics are about religion, violence against women, geopolitic...
they are fuckin great and show the SCD has know a message...
... and we have to believe that they use the good way to express them
(screaming your opinion on the street is a good way to make you
understand!) and our growler seb ist doing the job very well, with his
unique voice, helped by Tristan the is screaming more than yesterday. the
duo remember sometimes the one from TU CARNE, without the pitch. (SCD
doesn't use any vocals effect, it's hard to believe when you listen to
their music, but it's true). above all, the grind of SCD is led by heavy
rhytmics, in a punky vein that let express the bass guitar. this album is
not less violent than the others, but, it shows a side more "excavated",
and fuckin' more effective!!
If the old drummer was a veru good hitter, that gave the band a "touch" we
cannot hide that Dirk has done a very good work on thsi recording (again),
the old fan could be a little disapointed by the side "less dirty" of the
belgian but both drummer have their own way... and the results are always
fuckin' effective...

what else? you've understand  that this album just kills and kicks asses!
the "true grinderé will regret the "gorer" side of the old albums, but if
they don't see that this piece is a total butchery, don't care, they just
closes their eyes above a very great production...
3 albums, 3 albums, 3 fucking butcherys."
 Worm eater

SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION : "Inventory of fixtures" (Bizarre Leprous Production)
Enfin! Enfin le retour tant espérer des parisiens de SCD !!! Depuis 2003 (hormis un split avec Cripple bastards en 2006) on attendait un nouvel album. Signés sur le label tchèque Bizarre Leprous production, les gaillards nous reviennent en grande forme. Ne connaissant pas leurs précédentes galettes, je ne peux effectuer de comparaisons avec leurs anciennes compos, qu'importe cet album suffit à mon bonheur et devrait ravir les plus bourrins d'entres vous ainsi que ceux qui apprécient une musique inspirée et extrême. 14 titres composent cet album présenté dans un digipack très soigné. Les passages groovy et mid tempo (le terme est relatif tout de même) alternent avec des blast furieux, le chant de Seb est bien profond (quelle voix !!!) et les backing vocals font de cet album un incontournable pour tous bons amateurs de grind qui se respectent. Le son est clair, puissant, on sent qu'il y a du boulot et que le groupe a voulu nous présenté quelque chose de pro, en tous cas c'est réussit. Ici point de place pour les poètes, ça bourrine et c'est terriblement efficace et bon. Du bon grind comme il faut et comme j'aime. Reste plus maintenant qu'à les voir sur scène et à me ramasser un mur en pleine tronche. Certainement un des meilleurs albums de cet année 2007.
Hopkins (06/07)